When we say everything is in mess in life, we sometimes really mean everything- and a big part of it is HAIR! Holly Carr is probably not facing that issue. 29-year-old hairstyle creator has got everything in place when it comes to hair.

She posts content about how-to-hairdos and it will keep you engaged if you’re into experimenting with your hair. It might keep you involved even if you’re too into hairdos, honestly, for the tidiness and interesting Pinterest hairstyles that she makes effortlessly.

As Holly likes to put it, ‘her passion and experience’ in the hair industry has got her going on this content creation journey and she enjoys doing it. After working for 12 years in the haircare industry, she chose to freelance for brands and then completely content creation.

Some Hairstyle Hacks by Holly Carr:

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While hair styling is her forte, this girl also does skincare and lifestyle content and it’s a sight to see. From easy skincare routine to glow

If aesthetics is your go-to, this is the profile you should check. Her profile will please your aesthetic buds for sure.