Meri jeet bhi leja, meri haar bhi leja, mera gham bhi leja, har zakham bhi leja“.

If you can’t stop humming these lyrics, you know you’ve been bitten by the ‘Chor‘ song bug. Sung by an amazing artist Justh, the song’s virality has reached actors, creators and the general audience alike. This is surely the era for up-and-coming independent artists to shine. And Justh is finally getting his due.

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Know Justh

Justh is an independent singer-songwriter creating original Hindi songs. A Chartered Accountant by qualification, he left the field as his interest in melodies and poetry led him to the mystical territory of music. Justh intends to create unique and fresh melodies with poetic lyricism as its backbone.

Singing his originals in 12 different cities, the independent artiste says that his songs reflect him and his personality. His previous work includes Teri Ore, Dhoondta Hai, Tum, and Main Yeh Bhi Nahi Jaanta – all of which are available on his YouTube channel. What’s interesting to know is that the singer neither learned music before nor knew how to play any musical instrument.

Justh artist singer Social Nation Festival Mumbai 2024 asia's largest creator fest april event creators influencers lineup

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Justh has been in the music scene as an indie artist for over 5 years now. Over the years, he has been performing all over India at venues and festivals such as The Habitat, Bandcamp, Prithvi Theatre, Under 25, Spoken Fest, and Lil Flea, amongst others. And now you get to witness his serenading voice at none other than the Social Nation Festival 2024!

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