Hasbulla Magomedov has won the internet with his cuteness. The 20-year-old is reported to be 3 feet and 4 inches tall because of a growth hormone deficiency that results in dwarfism. However, this does not stop him from living his opulent life that is filled with jewellery, latest gadgets and luxurious cars. Hasbulla was recently in the news as he was arrested at his native place because of a traffic violation.

Hasbulla The internet Sensation

Hasbulla The Internet Sensation

Hasbulla earned his fame through Tiktok where he made interesting videos. He soon became popular on other social media platforms as well and now is considered a social media personality who has one of the largest following. On Instagram alone, Hasbulla has 8.6 Million followers while on Twitter he is followed by 361.8K people. 

Hasbulla receives immense love on various platforms because of his content. Thanks to his popularity, he appears on multiple memes and has stickers of his own that are used widely by people. His videos are a rage on Tiktok and earn views and likes just like confetti. 

Hasbulla for UFC and as Mini Khabib

In the year 2022, Hasbulla signed a 5 year deal with UFC as their brand ambassador. In the role of the ambassador, he is expected to attend tournaments and proactively participate in media activities to represent the community. 

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Hasbulla is lovingly called ‘Mini  Khabib’ after he recreated the legendary MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov’s weigh-in. Hasbulla followed Khabib’s footsteps, as he was also associated with the UFC community.

Hasbulla Traffic Violation 

Dagestan, a Republic of Russia, is Hasbulla’s native place. He went there to attend a friend’s wedding. While in Dagestan he and his friends interfered with other drivers on the road and caused a nuisance. 

Blocking roads and burning rubber is a part of wedding celebrations in Dagestan which is followed by the people. However, it is an administrative offence and therefore action was taken by the local authorities.

Dagestan’s Internal Affairs Ministry released a statement prior to the incident in which they stated the following. “Unbridled wedding fun in Dagestan is known to many and far beyond the borders of the republic,” the ministry said. “In the absence of other ways of entertainment, such a primitive option is still extremely popular – blocking roads for other road users, burning rubber, smashing cars against each other and many other features that, in fact, have nothing to do with the celebration.”

Soon after the incident, Hasbulla was released and later apologised to everybody for his action. He also justified on his Twitter account that he was only a part of the group but was not driving the car himself. 

Abdu Rozik and Hasbulla Controversy

Abdu Rozik and Hasbulla have a lot in common. They are both very popular on social media and suffer from the same medical condition which has resulted in their short height even after being full-grown adults. 

Abdu Rozvik and Hasbulla Internet Sensation Fight

The rivalry springs from their fame and their similar conditions. It extended to the point where Hasbulla challenged Abdu Rozik for a fight but the Sports Association of Little People Of Russia deemed it to be unethical and therefore did not allow it to happen.

Abdu Rozik has been one of the most loved participants of Bigg Boss 16, an Indian reality show. He was also appreciated by Salman Khan, the host of the show. To spice up the game, there were speculations of Hasbulla entering the Bigg Boss house as a wild card participant but that did not happen. This move could have worsened Hasbulla’s relationship with Abdu. 

Whatever the reason and whatever the season, our love for this little cutie is not going away anytime soon. His face represents our mood better than we can channelise it ourselves. That being said, we do not favour any irresponsible road behaviour and appreciate the local authorities for taking strict action.