Social media undoubtedly have given many recognition, catapulting them into the world of fame and popularity. While most of them use their stardom to do good in the world, there are a few who use this to deceive people. Ajeet Maurya, a 41-year-old social media influencer is one of the bad fishes in the sea, who proved that his curated online persona is very different from real life. After being booked under 9 charges, he was arrested by Lucknow Police. 

Who is Ajeet Maurya?

Ajeet Maurya is a social media content creator who is largely known for making reels. However, his popularity did not stem from his online presence but from his astonishingly complex and turbulent personal life. He is said to have 2 wives, 9 children from these marriages and 6 girlfriends. What’s even more shocking is that he turned to crime to take care of this huge family. 

Influencer Ajeet Maurya arrested by Lucknow Police


The initial allure of Ajeet’s social media presence, showcasing his creativity through online content, juxtaposed with his involvement in a web of fraudulent activities, highlights the deceptive nature of public personas. Behind the polished facade of his online identity lay a convoluted personal life immersed in crime.

Into the world of crime

Ajeet Maurya’s story unfolds like a gripping drama. After starting his career in Mumbai as a false ceiling worker, he moved to his hometown due to a lack of work. Since then he spiralled into a series of criminal activities ranging from circulating fake currency to running Ponzi schemes. 

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Why did he resort to crime?

The social media influencer confessed that his descent into crime did not come from his greed but from desperation. He had immense pressure to sustain the lives of his extended family. They were used to a certain luxury and in order to provide the same, Ajeet resorted to illegal activities.

He had two separate houses for his wives and their respective children while living in a rented accommodation himself. The revelation of his six girlfriends, which came out after the police took his phone into custody, sent another layer of shock to everybody.

Influencer Ajeet Maurya exposed

The lesson learnt

This entire incident shows us that what we see online might not be real. Ajeet’s life as an influencer looked very different from reality. His story is a warning to be careful about believing everything we see on social media. It’s a reminder that things might not always be what they seem, especially in the world of social media.