The power of the Indian Market is now known globally as brands pour in at the latest hot spot. The newest to join the bandwagon is Hèrmes Beauté who launched their 16 Métier, the French word for craft, in Mumbai, India. The event unveiled Hèrmes’ new line of beauty products including Nail Enamel, Lipsticks, Blushes, and more for Indian beauty enthusiasts. We saw many of our favourite beauty content creators at the event who loved the experience and charted it for their followers through their Instagram page.

Hèrmes Beauty Line Launch In India
Kelli Lash

Knowing The 16th Métier of Hèrmes

Hèrmes is a French Luxury Design Studio who are known for their craft. Creating one of the most legendary pieces of fashion, Hèrmes curated its 16th Métier in 2020- An exclusive line of beauty products that bring the excellence of Hèrmes along with it to the table. 

Hèrmes Beauty Line Launch In India
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The beauty product line has been made available for Indian customers in 2023 with its launch party happening at Donna Deli in Mumbai. The Creative Director of the line, Mr Gregoris Pyrpylis was present at the event to showcase the collection. 

The Inspiration behind Hèrmes Beauté

The Hèrmes Beauté collection is late to the market in comparison with its contemporaries but it is definitely worth the wait. Known for their timeless craft, Hèrmes believes in creating every piece that stays relevant for decades. Their beauty line is no exception to this philosophy either.

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The 16th Métier draws inspiration from the silk scarves and bags of Hèrmes. For their Rogue Collection, which is their saturated lipstick range available in Satin and Matt finish, the inspiration is drawn from thousands of leather shades, while their Rose collection reminds you of the smooth and velvety silk texture.  

Inspiration behind Hèrmes Beauty Launch in India

Though Hèrmes does not have an exclusive skincare line, however, its beauty products are enriched with good quality ingredients that nourish the skin. From hyaluronic acid to the goodness of emollients and Vitamin E, Hèrmes Beauty will become the new confidante for your skin.

Our creators enjoyed the sensory experience offered by Hèrmes at its beauty products launch. The event was an enriching experience, while they were in the safe hands of Gregoris Pyrpylis who educated them about the products, alongside how they can be best used.

It is hard not to love Hèrmes and let us see what our Content Creators love about the beauty launch. From whom to what, we’ve got you covered. 

House of Misu

Mitali from the House of Misu fame attended the Hèrmes India Beauty Launch. While she looked absolutely breathtaking in her chequered red skorts which she paired with a white shirt, she loved everything at the launch and could not wait to make it a part of her routine.


Our solid tones queen Anushree was present at the beauty launch event too. She absolutely adored the packaging which was designed by Pierre Hardy, the Creative Director for Hèrmes jewellery and shoes. Christine Nagel’s Custom Scent drew her attention.

Sonam Babani

Sonam Babani was dressed in Hèrmes from head to toe, to create a lasting impression. The feel of the products on the skin has got Sonam hooked to the product and her personal favourite is Plein Air complexion balm which feels like a second skin.

Nikita Madhani

Nikita Madhani looked glamorous in her bold printed co-ord set with a sleek hairdo. While she showed a keen interest in all the products at the beauty launch, she has a clear winner in the form of the Les Mains Hèrmes, Nail enamel, that looks perfect on her.

Kinjal Shukla Bhanushali

Kinjal carried the summer vibe in a white bustier and skirt and was all prepped to explore the Hèrmes Beauté collection. While the Rose Boise is her personal favourite lip shade we totally love the lipstick from the Rouge collection on her. She also enjoyed “levelling up” her make-up skills with Gregoris Pyrpylis.

While the Hèrmes Beauté launch has gotten our favourite creators all thrilled. For now the beauty products are only available in Delhi but one can place their orders through the Mumbai store.