According to Google Ads and Commerce Blog, Google has introduced new AI-Powered Ads campaign options and a groundbreaking AR Try-On process for clothing visualization based on body type.

Demand Gen is the first ad campaign option, which empowers brands to optimize their video and image assets by adapting them to various Google ad formats. This ensures maximum reach and engagement with specific user segments. This campaign enables brands to maximize the use of their video and image assets by translating them into different Google ad formats to maximize reach and appeal with specific users.

AI-powered Ads

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The second campaign option is Video View, which utilizes AI technology to maximize views across different formats, including in-stream and in-feed. With the recent addition of YouTube Shorts, marketers can extend their reach even further.

This campaign provides brands with the opportunity to maximize views across in-stream, in-feed, and YouTube Shorts, all within a single campaign. According to Google: “In early testing, Video View campaigns have achieved an average of 40% more views than in-stream skippable cost-per-view campaigns.”

Google Ads and Commerce Blog

On the other end, Google is also enhancing the AI online shopping experience by introducing a generative AI process that utilizes digital models to provide more accurate representations of users’ body types when trying on clothing.

With these new tools, users can refine their search results based on criteria such as price, color, patterns, and more. These matches are generated using machine learning and advanced visual matching algorithms. Google aims to integrate these AI advancements into its Search tools as a complement to traditional search, enhancing overall utility for users.

AI online shopping experience

With these exciting updates and advancements in AI-powered ad solutions and online shopping experiences, we eagerly anticipate what Google has in store for us next.

As technology continues to evolve, we can expect Google to bring us more innovative tools and features that enhance our digital interactions and make our lives easier. Stay tuned for what the future holds as Google continues to push the boundaries of AI integration.