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With her mesmerizing smile and irresistible energy, Ria Amin has captured the hearts of millions in the digital world. The Social Nation team recently had the pleasure of chatting with this adorable and gorgeous soul. Get ready to dive into Ria Amin’s captivating world, as we uncover her inspiring journey, discover her skincare secrets, and learn all about her fabulous hair care routine.

Ria Amin’s makeup artistry is truly mesmerizing. With her impressive skills and a keen eye for detail, she has amassed a dedicated following eagerly awaiting her tips, tricks, and stunning transformations. Whether it’s mastering the perfect winged eyeliner or achieving a flawless complexion, her expertise shines through her artistry. And when it comes to hair, Ria Amin is a true magician. From glamorous updos to trendy hairstyles, she showcases an impressive range of skills that leave us in awe.

Ria Amin

Social Nation: When did your journey in content creation begin, how did you initially get involved, and what were the underlying motivations that prompted you to start?

Ria: I began my journey in content creation three years ago during the lockdown. At that time, the content creation industry hadn’t reached its peak, and I wasn’t certain if I could turn my passion into a possible career. However, I remained determined to pursue it someday. While I was uncertain about the time it would take to achieve success, I also explored alternative career options. After approximately one year, my efforts started to bear fruit as people began recognizing and appreciating my work. And now, here I am!

SN: What was the driving factor that led you to initiate content creation?

Ria: When I began my content creation journey, I was in college and had plenty of spare time. I distinctly remember my first video titled “7 Types of Eyeliner.” Even back in my early school years, around fifth or sixth grade, I took pleasure in experimenting with makeup and had the skill to apply eyeliner correctly, despite my young age. However, I must admit that I struggle when it comes to applying eyeliner on someone else, as my hands tend to shake.

SN: As a beauty content creator, you likely have encountered your fair share of challenges and obstacles while growing up. Could you share some insights into your personal journey and the struggles you faced along the way?

Ria: I personally didn’t face many struggles with my hair, but my skin had its challenges. I used to experience significant acne breakouts, and in the past, people were not as familiar with the concept of skin positivity. Consequently, individuals would often comment that I should take better care of my skin. Being a teenager at that time, it made a deep impact on my confidence. However, as time passed, I developed a strong sense of self-acceptance. Although I still deal with acne and scars, I have become incredibly comfortable in my own skin, and the opinions of others no longer hold any importance. Seeking validation from others is no longer a priority for me.

SN: How did you navigate and overcome those challenges during that period of time?

Ria: At that time, I wasn’t sure how to address those challenges. I decided to go with the flow and as I grew older, I began experimenting with my skincare routine and makeup. Gradually, through these experiences, I started building more confidence in myself. I firmly believe that confidence grows hand in hand with experience.

SN: What factors influenced your decision to pursue content creation as your chosen path?

Ria: I didn’t consciously choose this route; it simply unfolded naturally. Despite graduating in accounting and finance, I had a deep-seated belief that my true calling lay in the realm of creativity. Therefore, I actively explored alternative career paths while simultaneously embarking on my content creation journey. As I mentioned earlier, it took approximately one year for this venture to gain traction and receive positive results.

SN: How did you celebrate the milestone of reaching 100k followers?

Ria: To celebrate the milestone of reaching 100k followers, I bought a cake for myself. I don’t focus on materialistic things but rather enjoy sharing these special moments with my mom. On that day, I asked her not to cook and we order delicious food. Treating myself with good food is always my way of celebrating.

Ria Amin Interview

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SN: Tell us about your journey, starting from your first reel to the present. What are the differences and changes you have experienced between then and now?

Ria: During my first reel, which was about eyeliner, I had 700 followers. However, after eight months, the follower count dropped to 600, which was certainly demotivating. Nonetheless, I learned that to thrive in this industry, one must possess unwavering determination, resilience, and an intense passion. About a year later, I shifted my focus to makeup hacks, which were already popular on platforms like YouTube and TikTok but not as much on Instagram. I saw this as an opportunity and began creating content around makeup hacks, which resulted in a significant boost to my page. I still create and share hacks, although they have become more widespread now with almost everyone doing them.

SN: If you were not a content creator, what do you believe would have been your alternate career path or profession?

Ria: If I hadn’t pursued content creation, my alternative career path could have been in the fashion styling field or within the marketing industry, which I had studied. However, I am immensely grateful that I am a content creator!

SN: So, the next question is something that I’m sure everyone wants to know – can you please provide insights into your hair care and skincare routine for both morning and evening?

Ria: For my hair care routine, it is more focused on a weekly basis. Firstly, I like to apply oil or use a DIY hair mask once a week. Prior to shampooing, I apply a bond repair serum, as I frequently use heat-styling tools. It is crucial to protect my hair from damage. After shampooing and conditioning, I apply a leave-in conditioner. I understand that it may sound like a lot of products, but trust me, they are necessary for the intense hair care my hair requires due to extensive heat styling.

For my skincare routine, I adhere to four simple steps. In the morning, I use a toner, followed by a serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. In the evening, I apply all these skincare products without sunscreen. I have previously experimented with a ten-step skincare routine, but unfortunately, it had the opposite effect and caused more acne breakouts. As a result, I prefer to stick to my four-step routine, which works best for my skin.

SN: What is your top recommendation for individuals looking to take care of their skin, and where should they begin?

Ria: To begin with, I highly recommend incorporating a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen into your skincare routine. While it may sound like a common suggestion, trust me, using sunscreen is crucial if you desire to maintain youthful-looking skin even in your 50s or 60s.

SN: To what extent do diet and exercise impact the health of your skin and hair?

Ria: Diet and exercise play a significant role in the health of both my skin and hair. During my recent trip to Thailand, I indulged in a lot of seafood, which unfortunately resulted in increased body heat and subsequent acne breakouts. However, after approximately 10-12 days, the acne began to diminish. I now adhere to a healthy routine, including a balanced diet, and have also incorporated regular gym sessions into my lifestyle.

SN: In your opinion, what does the future hold for content creation?

Ria: I believe that over the next five years, content creation will continue to experience significant growth and expansion. Brands are likely to increasingly focus on collaborating with influencers. With this trend, I am optimistic that the future of content creation holds immense potential and opportunities.

In a world filled with beauty, Ria Amin definitely stands out like a shimmering star. With her spellbinding makeup skills and hair transformations that leave us spellbound, she sprinkles a touch of sweetness and cuteness into the beauty domain. With Ria Amin by your side, let your inner beauty shine and embrace the enchantment that awaits. Get ready for a sprinkle of magic and a whole lot of cuteness!