July 19, 2023 turned out to be a day filled with sweet surprises! The Belgian Waffle Co. celebrated it’s very own National Waffle Day on Wednesday with a too-hard-to-resist offer. You could get any waffle of your choice at just ₹100 for the entire day across all outlets in India.

And to celebrate this offer they really turned up their social media game with a stellar brand campaign. From pre-buzz teasers to the launch of the campaign to influencer collaborations to moment marketing to engaging reel formats, The Belgian Waffle Co.’s social media team left no stone unturned. National Waffle Day was truly a sweet hit! Their campaign hashtag #GetWaffling evoked a feeling of urgency and FOMO adding to the campaign message of ‘go get yourself a waffle now!’

Their Instagram feed was well though of and curated keeping the brand ethos in mind.

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With over 140+ outlets in 30+ cities, this is one of their biggest celebrations. From classic waffles like Belgian Chocolate, Honey Butter, and Maple Syrup to Cotton Candy, Red Velvet, Blueberry & Strawberry Creamcheese, to their utterly delicious and filling Ice-cream Waff-Wich and Rocky Road Waff-Wich in addition to their newly launched range of Mini Pancakes, Freaking Nutella Shake, Savoury Waffles and Cold Coffee, The Belgian Waffle Co. is the perfect place satiate your sweet-tooth.

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The Story Behind This Day

What happened at the The Belgian Waffle Co.’s stores last year was totally unexpected for them. On 19th July, 2022, all their stores were packed with people and ultimately all the waffles were sold out. And thus, 19th July came to be their annual National Waffle Day.

The Sweet Launch

They saw their chance and took it. With Chandrayaan-3’s lunar mission launch, every brand got to work in order to make the best of that trending moment. The Belgian Waffle Co. definitely knew what they were doing!

Let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy Waffle Day posts done by them in the past two weeks:

The most interesting twist to the usual reel format of tagging your friends and asking them to get you a waffle. The best recipe to gain engagement, this reel has over 7.4M views.

What’s the best way for a brand to convey that they have multiple outlets across the country while depicting the current weather conditions as well and also promoting their offer? Take notes.

Reiterating the USP of ‘Get any waffle at only Rs. 100‘, The Belgian Waffle Co. showcases it in the best way.

As per a report by Social Blade, their followers increased by 12k in the duration of this campaign, out of which, 3.5k increased on the day of the offer and their engagement rate is now at 38%.

Influencers Who Got Waffling

With creators like Yashaswini Dayama, Agasthya Shah, Arjun Deswal joining the #GetWaffling campaign in their own unique way, it gave the brand great visibility and reach. The result? Waffle lovers flooded the stores to get their favourite waffles on the D-Day despite the heavy rains across stores in India!

The Belgian Waffle Co.’s very well-executed National Waffle Day campaign on social media definitely caught our eye and left us drooling for their crispy, chocolate-y delight!