Fiona Harvey, the woman said to be the real-life inspiration for the character Martha in the hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer has been in the news ever since the series was released. She has been at the receiving end of severe trolling and now is all set to share her side of the story in an upcoming interview with Piers Morgan. This comes after Harvey’s identity was revealed in a recent article by The Daily Record.

Fiona Harvey, Inspiration behind Baby Reindeer Joins Piers Morgan


Baby Reindeer, a Netflix series created by comedian Richard Gadd, has gained significant attention for its portrayal of Gadd’s experiences with an alleged stalker. The character Martha, portrayed by Jessica Gunning, is believed to be inspired by Harvey, a Scottish lawyer.

Controversy Surrounding Identification

The series’ success has led internet sleuths to attempt to uncover the real people behind the characters, despite efforts by Gadd and others involved to maintain their privacy. Revelation of Fiona Harvey’s identity has sparked further controversy and raised questions about the boundaries between fiction and reality in storytelling.

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Allegations Against the Series

Harvey has expressed anger over her portrayal in Baby Reindeer, stating that events shown in the series are exaggerated or fabricated. She has indicated at taking legal action against Netflix and Richard Gadd, challenging the accuracy of the portrayal while saying that she has never faced legal consequences as depicted in the show.

The Piers Morgan Interview

The upcoming interview with Piers Morgan is expected to provide Fiona Harvey with a platform to voice her grievances and set the record straight. However, it remains to be seen how her assertions will be received by viewers who have been spellbound by the series’ narrative.

The announcement for this interview was made by Piers Morgan himself on his social media platform through a series of posts. The episode will Premiere on Piers Morgan Uncensored on YouTube, at 8 pm (UK) on 9th May, 2024.

Impact of Baby Reindeer

Despite the controversy surrounding its portrayal of real-life events, Baby Reindeer has seen remarkable success on Netflix, garnering millions of views since its release. 

As Fiona Harvey prepares to share her perspective in the forthcoming interview, the conversation surrounding Baby Reindeer and Martha continues to evolve. Whether her assertions will prompt a reevaluation of the character Martha or not, remains to be seen. However, her willingness to speak out highlights the complexities of portraying real-life events in the realm of entertainment.