Suhani Shah’s, India’s first and only female magician, refers to herself as a mentalist in the magic world since she performs tricks based on the mind. She is well-known for performing all over the world, instructing other magicians, and generally shocking people with her tricks. She was fascinated and mesmerised by her first ever magic presentation when she was five years old, and she wanted to study the art herself. Soon after, she decided to stop attending school and be homeschooled in order to learn magic. She managed to homeschool while performing and doing shows. She used a loop of human qualities and psychology to figure out what people were thinking. She then wrote a book based on her learnings titled, ‘Unleash your Hidden Powers’.

She has spoken at TED and runs programmes to assist individuals overcome addictions such as chain smoking, drugs, and alcohol, to mention a few. Suhani Mindcare, a clinic in Goa where she provides therapy, was also established by her. Her in-person performances were no longer possible after the pandemic, so she began investing in her YouTube channel. She streams with other comedians and publishes videos of magic tricks she’s done in the past, which has led to her being recognised by a large audience. And hence, here are a list of 5 magic videos by none other than Suhani Shah.

Are you as mind blown as me? Well, yeah that’s Suhani Shah, the mentalist magician. If you want to watch her stage performances, here’s a bonus video for you that you can watch by TAPPING HERE! And if you would like to watch more, do not forget to check out her streams or other mind boggling performances by tapping HERE! I hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to fill the featured videos with love and support and until my pen writes more for you, happy binge-watching Suhani’s videos one after the other!