Back in the day, one would need multiple factors in their favour to taste stardom, but this has changed with social media. Today, with talent and a little push from Instagram’s algorithm any ordinary person can be catapulted into instant fame. Today we are talking about Aditi Sharma whose Instagram reel blew up like no other.  One moment Aditi Sharma was a voiceover artist having fun with her friends while sharing these moments online, and the next, her Instagram reel went viral, making her a digital sensation. It’s as if the internet collectively shouted, “Hey, have you seen this?” and suddenly, Aditi was everywhere.

Interviewing Aditi Sharma, the viral voice-over artist

If you still can’t recollect, we are talking about the gorgeous girl from the “When you meet a Voice-over Artist for the First Time” reel. However, Aditi Sharma is much more than this viral video. Apart from being a voice-over artist, Aditi is also an actor, and a director, directing multiple projects including the cutest music video Dil Besabar with Iqlipse Nova and Sanchita Ugale. She is an architect as well.  Her rise to fame is not just proof of the power of social media but also her undeniable talent and hard work. Join us as we at Social Nation, got into a fun chat with Aditi Sharma, as she spoke about work, her future projects and the tingling feeling of newfound success. We assure you, this is the cutest thing you read today!

SN: Your reel has blown up big time. How does it feel to be a viral sensation?

Aditi Sharma: Haha, I’m enjoying every bit of it because this first-time feeling is never gonna come back. It feels surreal. I have been waiting for this moment my entire life. Whenever I used to see any person getting famous overnight, I always used to ask my mom, “When will it happen to me?” She always said, “Anytime!”

Now that it has already happened, I ask myself, “Was it really your reel that went viral? Is it you who has become a sensation? Really? Somebody just pinch me.”

SN: What has changed ever since you went viral on Instagram?

Aditi Sharma: My Instagram has been flooded with beautiful messages. I have been getting so many brand collaborations and agencies are reaching out to me. I had started doing this for fun, but now I feel responsible for putting out good content. 

The sad thing is, my friends and family still treat me like a normal person and I keep reminding them that I’m a viral sensation now, haha! 

SN: As a voiceover artist, who are some of the people you like to impersonate? 

Aditi Sharma: I don’t really impersonate real people, but I love impersonating AI voices, especially Alexa and Google Maps.

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SN: Since you’re a digital star, can we see more of your work on Instagram? What are some projects you’re currently working on?

Aditi Sharma: Absolutely! You can see more of my work on Instagram where I regularly post new content. Right now, I’m working on some cool projects, including some exciting brand collaborations and creative videos. Stay tuned for more updates!

SN: ⁠In the entertainment field, what job do you enjoy more? A director or an actor? How do you manage to switch from one to the other?

Aditi Sharma: Ahhh! I love both acting and directing equally so it’s tough to pick a favourite. The great thing is that both roles are interconnected so I never really have to leave the creative zone. Whether I’m in front of the camera as an actor or behind it as a director, I’m still part of the storytelling process. 

Both roles satisfy my creativity and when you love what you do, switching between them is easy. Plus, each role has its unique challenges and flavour which keeps things exciting. 

SN: ⁠In these times of AI advancement, how do you think this will impact voiceover artists?

Aditi Sharma: I feel AI will make life easier in many ways but I don’t think it will ever replace human voice-overs jobs. AI can handle projects like automated messages and simple instructional videos because they don’t need a lot of emotion or variety. But it can’t replace the depth, emotion and subtle details that a human voiceover artist can bring.

For projects that need a real human touch, creativity, and emotions, voiceover artists will still be essential. AI can help as a tool but human talent will always be needed to convey complex feelings and connect deeply with audiences.

Aditi Sharma’s journey from a passionate creator to a viral sensation is nothing short of inspiring. Her humility, creativity, and dedication to her craft shines through in everything she does, whether she’s lending her voice to AI impersonations or directing compelling content. As she navigates her newfound fame with grace and humour, Aditi continues to charm her audience and push the boundaries of her creativity. Wishing this digital star a ton loads of luck and success.