Flipkart’s Spoyl has launched an innovative campaign, #SPOYL, to capture the attention of GenZ shoppers. This campaign, featuring a blend of digital and outbound marketing strategies, aims to highlight Spoyl’s latest fashion collection through collaborations with numerous creators and artists.

What is Spoyl?

Spoyl is an in-app fashion platform launched by Flipkart in August 2023, designed specifically for GenZ consumers. The platform offers over 40,000 fashion products, including western wear, accessories, and footwear. With a focus on fast fashion and trendsetting styles, Spoyl leverages technology to identify global fashion trends and provides a unique, visually immersive shopping experience within the Flipkart app.

Spoyl partners with creators for their new GenZ fashion campaign

Spoyl X Creators

Since its inception, Spoyl has engaged in various collaborations to resonate with its target audience. Previous partnerships include being the merchandising partner for Netflix’s Archies and the official style partner for the film Fighter. These collaborations allowed Spoyl to align its brand with popular entertainment, reflecting GenZ’s fashion preferences influenced by movies and media.

Spoyl partners with Archies for their previous GenZ fashion campaign

The latest #SPOYL campaign expands on this strategy, enlisting a diverse group of creators and artists to promote its new collection. This campaign spans both digital platforms and physical marketing, prominently featuring social media campaign, billboards across cities, curated product list for each creator and much more. The collaboration aims to leverage the influence of these creators to drive engagement and brand awareness.

Campaign Collaborators

The #SPOYL campaign includes a wide array of influencers and artists, each bringing their unique style and audience to the table. Prominent ones include Kanupriya Gupta, Rohit Sukheja, Rashmee and Anant from Travel with Searats, Aatman and Ronit Ashra, Darshan Wairkar, Jesus Mehta, Priya Banerjee, Pranit Shilimkar, Ravish Chandrashekhar, Divya Gupta, Kevin Zingkhai, Hitika Sachdev, Kashish Ratnani, Ashish Bhatia, Pranjali Singh, RJ Raghav, Sumukhi Suresh, Zahrah S Khan, and Shirley Setia. Each pair of influencers has a curated product list within the Spoyl app, featuring their top picks from the latest collection, providing a personalised shopping experience for users who are loyal followers of the creators.

Spoyl ropes in creators to highlight their new GenZ collection

As a part of their outdoor marketing strategy, the brand took over the city with multiple billboards highlighting creators donning pieces from their newest collection. Some of the artists and creators we have already spotted across Mumbai include Ruchika Lohiya, Aabir Vyas, Sumukhi Suresh, Shirley Setia and Zahrah S Khan.

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Campaign Analysis

The #SPOYL campaign effectively leverages the influence of a diverse group of creators, aligning with Gen Z’s preference for relatable and trendsetting personalities. The multi-channel marketing approach, combining digital outreach with physical billboards, ensures broad visibility and engagement.

However, the campaign’s reliance on creators marketing could be a double-edged sword. Since most of the creators and artists who are a part of the campaign are not GenZ creators and thereby not be appealing enough for GenZ customers. On the flip side, Spoyl can target a more diverse customer base. Additionally, the platform’s distinct visual identity within the Flipkart app may create a seamless user experience, but it risks being overshadowed by the larger Flipkart brand.

Spoyl’s #SPOYL campaign is a strategic move to capture the GenZ market by leveraging the influence of popular creators and a multi-channel marketing strategy. While the campaign has the potential to drive significant engagement and brand awareness, it must balance commercial goals with authenticity to truly resonate with its target audience. Overall, Spoyl’s innovative approach positions it well to become a key player in the fast fashion market for GenZ consumers.