Indian rapper Emiway Bantai released his latest track ‘Paani Mai’ ft. Swaalina and Young Galib on July 1, 2021. With 3.4 million views and 371K likes, the music video is trending on YouTube at the #14 position. 

You can watch ‘Paani Mai’ here:

Behind the music were Yoki and Tony James, and it was mixed and mastered by Aakash as well as Emiway himself. Bantai Studio produced it, while Dropout shot and edited it. The production managers were Sanjay Sosa and Sumit Singh. Just the day before the release of his official track, he unveiled his look from the music video. My, my! Doesn’t he look quite chic and dashing?

Not only the rapper, but Swaalina too uploaded her look on her birthday!

Young Galib was ecstatic to finally fulfill his dream to work with Bantai. Way to go man!

Emiway has been releasing his full potential back-to-back. His energy is never-ending, and we are definitely happy to see the rapper in his hip-hop mode. Before ‘Paani Mai’, his recent releases were ‘My Time’, ‘Sath Mai’, and ‘Machayenge 3’. To get more information about ‘Machayenge 3’, you can go through Emiway Bantai’s ‘Machayenge 3’ Trending #3 on YouTube.