In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it is virtually impossible for any profession to stay completely away from the digital realm. Though medical science and the creative field of social media seem like different worlds, they have increasingly become intertwined in recent years. Dr Niranjan Samani is one remarkable individual who has seamlessly merged his passion for medicine with his creative prowess as a content creator. His ability to translate his medical knowledge into engaging and accessible content for his online community is exceptional. This Doctors Day, the team at Social Nation had the opportunity to speak to him about his varied interests and how he finds time for everything. Presenting, excerpts from the conversation.

SN: What sparked your passion for creating content on social media and how did you embark on this incredible journey?

I’ve been asked this question very frequently. I started content creation because I was an introvert. Back in 2018-19, I wanted to push out of my comfort zone. Of course, I failed but I thought that maybe if I cannot speak to people directly, let me speak to myself, confining myself in a room and reaching out to people through social media. When I initially started I had an idea that I would connect with so many people. 

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SN: Niranjan, we love how you imitate different characters! Can you share a bit about how you practise and bring those characters to life?

When I started with social media, I was creating content in Hindi. Partially because I was confused about the kind of content I wanted to create and partially because I was inspired by many creators, especially Bhuvan Bam. People often mistook me to be a North Indian but actually, I am from the South. To communicate my identity, I developed a fictional character and started speaking to myself. The character is in my regional language Tulu and has a comical tinge to it. Similarly, patients sometimes ask very silly questions but I wanted to let them know it’s okay to ask such questions so I developed other characters around these patients. 

SN: If you could swap lives with someone for a day, who would it be and what hilarious situation would you find yourself in?

As I earlier mentioned, I am a huge fan of Bhuvan Bam. I want to swap my life with some of the characters from BB Ki Vines. I love Fameer Fuddi and Bancho and I would want to live the life of Fameer Fuddi. I don’t even have to mention the kind of awkward situations he falls into but they are hilarious. 

SN: What advice do you have for aspiring creators who want to have a successful career in content creation?

If there is one piece of advice I have to give to aspiring creators, I would ask them to first focus on their education. That is the foundation. Content creation is fun but it can go haywire anytime. 

When we speak of content creation, don’t try to imitate somebody else. Yes, it takes time to know exactly what you’re good at but it eventually comes around. Stick to one skill and try to cultivate that. 

SN: How did you get interested in skincare, a field dominated by women?

I am a gynaecologist but I always wanted to become a dermatologist. I am interested in skin care because skin issues are one very common problem we find everywhere. However, it is not necessary that we always have to visit a doctor. Sometimes only waiting patiently or using a simple home remedy or by skipping something from your food habits, one can resolve the problem. Statistically, skin care is one of the top-performing niches on social media. So I thought I could tap into a good section of the audience by getting into skin care.  

SN: What is that one product you swear by?

I definitely cannot name one product because every product reacts very differently to different people. Something that works for me might not work for you. If I still had to vouch for one, my personal favourite brand that has also been working wonders for people around me is the derma co brand. It’s very mild on chemicals and great on results.

SN: If you could magically solve one common skincare problem for everyone in the world, which problem would you choose and how would you solve it?

Pimple. Acne is one problem that is quite common. I cannot solve it magically because the solution is right there. Whatever you eat is portrayed on your face. I am not asking you to completely cut down on junk food but one should always minimise the consumption, not only for skin but for overall health. Eat well, exercise daily, sleep nicely and stress less. By following these, one can rectify the majority of the problems by themselves.

SN: How do a person’s diet and lifestyle choices impact their skin health? Are there any specific foods or habits that can promote healthy skin?

Lifestyle really impacts our health, especially for women. PCOS or PCOD can be absolutely rectified with lifestyle changes. Most major problems will not remain a problem by following the four changes I mentioned earlier. 

SN: Are there any misconceptions or myths about skin care that you often come across? Can you debunk any of them?

People often believe that expensive products are the ones that work and that cheap ones do not work. It is not necessarily true. There are so many expensive products in the market right now that are showing severe allergic reactions, some of the damages being permanent.  Always visit a dermatologist and get your Patch test done to know where you exactly stand and which product will work for you. 

SN: What does your skincare routine look like?

My work schedule is very hectic so I don’t keep an elaborate skincare routine. I start my day with a mild face wash. I use one from the derma co brand. Then I use a 30 or 50 SPF sunscreen. I wash my face twice a day. Sometimes when I find my face oily during work, I wash it in the middle of the day. People often ask me if it is important to wear sunscreen every day even when one is indoors. Yes, absolutely, you should always mask your skin with sunscreen because the UV rays are present. 

SN: There is a diverse range of content that you curate and create. Which is the kind of content that keeps you on your toes?

If you see my profile, it’s a mixture of so many things. I sing, I act, I do medical remedies but I personally enjoy singing. It keeps me calm and gives me a break from my hectic schedule. Even though I make very little content around music but I enjoy it. Secondly, I love making medical-related content because it’s really fun.

SN: What are the projects lined up for the near future and what are you most excited about?

*drum rolls*  I will soon make my debut in a movie. It’s from my own production. I am only experimenting but I recently started my own production company with the name 13 wonder creations. When we started I was very adamant that we will only work with the underdogs in this project. 50% of the project is completed and we will soon release the teaser and other details on YouTube. 

Dr Niranjan Samani and his journey of his profession and passion

Dr Niranjan Samani’s remarkable success as a doctor and content creator serves as an inspiration to aspiring healthcare professionals and content creators alike. With his unwavering commitment to making a difference, Dr Samani continues to be a beacon of knowledge and empathy in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare content creation.