In a Paw-some move, an NGO in Delhi has rolled out a one-of-a-kind initiative aimed at protecting stray dogs from in the urban environment. With the distribution of specialised ‘Aadhaar Cards‘ for dogs,, is seeking to revolutionise the way stray animals are identified and cared for in these fast-paced cities.

QR Codes for Canines

The innovative ‘Aadhaar Cards’ developed by the NGO, utilises QR codes as a means of identification. Unlike conventional methods such as microchips, these QR-based tags are a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly solution for tracking and managing stray dogs.

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Information at Your Fingertips

Each QR code embedded within the ‘Aadhaar Cards’ contains a wealth of information about the respective dog, including details about their feeder and emergency contacts. With a simple scan of the QR code, passersby can access all the vital information needed to reunite lost dogs with their caregivers, eliminating the need for any specialised devices, thereby, streamlining the process of identification and assistance.

Safeguarding Strays Animals

The primary objective of this initiative is to safeguard stray dogs and ensure their well-being amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. By providing them with QR-based identification tags, authorities and concerned individuals can easily locate and assist lost dogs, providing them with the care and support they need to thrive in their urban habitat.

An Example of Community Efforts

The rollout of Aadhaar Cards for dogs underscores the importance of community-driven efforts in animal welfare. Through collaborative initiatives like this one, communities can come together to protect and care for animals in need, fostering a more compassionate and inclusive society. brings Aadhaar Cards for Stray Dogs


In conclusion, the introduction of ‘Aadhaar Cards’ for dogs represents a significant step forward in animal welfare efforts in our capital city, Delhi. By harnessing the power of technology and community engagement, will surely improve the lives of stray dogs and promote a more compassionate and caring environment for all beings.