CRED, a fintech company known for its innovative and humorous marketing tactics, has once again captured attention with its distinct marketing approach. This time, their strategy involved not Ravi Shashtri or Neeraj Chopra but a hammer and a wrench along with influencers. Instead of a regular marketing campaign, they reached popular influencers such as Sagar of Sagarcasm fame and Vishal Dayama in a rather unconventional manner to generate buzz for their annual Black Friday sale.

CRED Black Friday Campaign has Orry Hammer and Wrench

Intriguing Mystery Boxes

Grabbing attention, CRED sent mystery boxes to various influencers. Inside these boxes were either a hammer or a wrench, accompanied by an unexpected request: to break their watches or phones. This bizarre gesture piqued curiosity and created a buzz. 

Slowly the buzz got louder when people deciphered the marketing gimmick for their upcoming sale, scheduled from November 23rd to November 27th. The sale features exciting rewards like the Omega Seamaster, iPhone 15 Pro Max, a BMW G 310 RR, a Louis Vuitton bag, and Tiffany Air Force 1 shoes.

Part Two

Tailing these mystery boxes was yet another extremely funny but extremely smart digital campaign in which CRED partnered with the internet’s star child Orry. Here, the usual Orry was seen with an added tempering as he picked the role of guide/tutor in his ‘Jeevan Vidyalaya,’ receding dohas and popular Bollywood dialogues in the same sentence. 

Influencer Reactions

In response to this unusual approach, influencers like Vishal Dayama and Sagar made entertaining and thought-provoking posts. Vishal humorously linked the hammer’s arrival to the inauspicious turn of events since November 19th and how this is a thoughtful gift for every Indian anticipating the World Cup win. 

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Similarly, Sagar, known for his witty memes, shared a humorous remark about how he would have potentially used the wrench to fix his TV had it arrived earlier after the big heartbeat owing to the India-Australia World Cup final.

Teasing Rewards

Along with the hammer/wrench, there were notes also attached by CRED that hinted at the availability of the Omega Seamaster and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which can be availed in an exchange offer during the Black Friday sale. The playful addition of these high-end rewards added an element of excitement to the audience.

CRED’s Track Record

CRED has a history of employing out-of-the-box promotional tactics. Previously, the company garnered significant social media attention by showcasing vintage cars and a Batmobile at its Bengaluru office. This attention-grabbing move was later revealed to be linked to the launch of Garage, CRED’s vehicle management platform.

CRED’s unique engagement with influencers through mysterious packages containing tools not only created a buzz for their Black Friday sale but also highlighted the brand’s ability to think creatively and maintain a distinctive presence in the marketing sphere.