In a world where technological advancements are rapidly reshaping our daily lives, and AI is slowly becoming omnipresent, Cadbury 5 Star has taken a delightful plunge into the future with the launch of the innovative ‘Nothing University.‘ This tongue-in-cheek campaign envisions a future where AI revolutionises work, leaving ample room for humans to master the art of ‘doing nothing.’

5 Star campaign featuring Nothing University


A playful AI integration

The chocolate giant’s campaign takes an offbeat approach to the growing presence of AI in our lives, especially in the professional sphere. Embracing the tagline ‘Eat 5-star, do nothing,‘ Cadbury 5 Star has announced a platform where individuals can enrol to learn and perfect the art of doing absolutely nothing, all while playfully acknowledging the expanding role of artificial intelligence in the workforce.

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The Nothing University Professors

At the forefront of this interesting initiative is the Nothing University, a virtual space accessible through the microsite This platform invites eager participants to engage in interactive video sessions designed to teach the fine nuances of ‘doing nothing.’ The courses, led by former corporate professionals turned comedians Atul Khatri and Rahul Subramanian, offer a hilarious yet insightful take on leisure amidst the evolution of AI-driven workplaces.

Sukesh Nayak, Ogilvy India’s Chief Creative Officer, highlighted the campaign’s witty essence by celebrating the prospect of a future where AI shoulders most of our workload, allowing ample time for relaxation. “We have conceived and crafted the Nothing University and developed an entire curriculum around doing nothing efficiently in the future workplace, complete with interactive video lectures and a diploma,” he shared.

Beyond Humour

Collaborating with top comedians, influencers, and strategic brand partnerships, the campaign is not just limited to its humorous aspect but aims to amplify the joy of ‘Do Nothing. This innovative campaign from Cadbury 5 Star transcends the conventional marketing landscape by cleverly merging humour with a forward-looking narrative. It not only acknowledges the technological advancements brought by AI but also encourages individuals to enjoy the moments of leisure it creates.

The ‘Nothing University’ is proof of the brand’s commitment to fostering a light-hearted perspective on the future, where doing nothing is not merely an act of laziness but a skill to be mastered. In a world where productivity often takes centre stage and hustle is the lead actor, this campaign is a refreshing reminder to savour moments of idleness amidst the chaos of a transforming world.