In the contemporary world, men have embraced a new era of self-expression through fashion, redefining the landscape of style. The modern man not only appreciates the power of a well-tailored suit but also revels in the art of mixing casual and formal elements to curate a unique and personal aesthetic. One such fashionable man we came across is Prashant Iyer. From meticulously curated streetwear ensembles to effortlessly classic looks, he’s a fashion-forward man who understands that clothing is a language.

As the Social Marketing Director at Netflix India, Prashant is the mastermind behind many of the streaming platform’s brilliantly unique promotion strategies. He built an illustrious career with the likes of Titan and Nike and has been building the streaming giant, Netflix’s social presence for the past 5 years. From Ghoul to Narcos Mexico to Mismatched and many more, he has aced the marketing game when it comes to promoting films and series, ensuring they reach the widest audience.

netflix prashant iyer social marketing director

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While he’s acing the “social” game at Netflix, his own social game is pretty neat. We landed on Prashant’s Instagram and were instant fans of his easy-breezy sartorial style. His posts are just picture-perfect – right from the scenic locations to the fit and the vibe. Let’s take you through some of our best picks:

Streetwear Galore

Prshant’s personal style is quite street. You will mostly spot him in an understated tee paired with relaxed bottoms and of course the fanciest of sneakers. He nails the all-black look layered with that chic jacket and a simple silver chain. We love this entire outfit, it is a must-have in every streetwear lover’s wardrobe.

Netflix Merch

This has got to be our favourite! He has the coolest shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies from Netflix, and tbh we want to steal them all. Just look at this Squid Game-themed shirt; we agree with the caption as well.

Now that’s a “Net-FLEX!” Prashant put up this cool and heartfelt post when he completed 4 years at Netflix last year (it’s been 5+ years now), calling it the best decision of his life. Can we borrow that hoodie, please?

Couple Goals

Prashant Iyer and Sadhvi Shetty are so cute together. It is adorable to see that half his feed is just them enjoying life together. Along with being couple goals, they are spewing fashion goals too with the most on-point outfits that are somehow always coordinated or complement each other perfectly!

Now that’s two wardrobes we wish to steal from.

The Emmy’s Look

Nailing every outfit like always, the Netflix Social Marketing Director had wowed us with this look he adorned for the International Emmy Awards 2021. From the unconventional blazer paired with jeans to the Burberry scarf, we love this look.

Such Luxe Much Wow

It’s evident that Prashant loves his brands. We’ve spotted him casually rep luxury brands like Kenzo, Gucci, Moschino, Burberry, Off-White, Essentials, and many more. He definitely knows his fashion.

Sneakerhead Max

Prashant Iyer has one of the most dope sneaker collection. He is bonkers about them shoes and it shows. They accentuate every outfit that he puts together and are all over his Instagram page. Look at that entire shoe wardrobe! Brb, we’re crying in poverty…

Men who put in effort in dressing up are just 🤌 We stan Prashant Iyer’s fashion sense big time! Keep ’em classy fits rolling.