The ‘Blackout’ song from ‘In the Heights’ is currently trending on Instagram like crazy! People are making all kinds of reels including illusion makeup, acting, dancing, fashion, and so on. It’s just so fun to watch these amazing videos that I can’t help but highlight the best ones for y’all to see. So, let’s take a look at the 10 trending reels on ‘Blackout’:

1. Ryley Isaac

2. Mrunal Panchal

3. Sarah New

4. Krutika

5. Calleigha Callahan

6. Taneesha

7. James Homan

8. Unnati Malharkar

9. Ritvi

10. Faby

Weren’t these reels so entertaining? I’m sure y’all loved it! Btw, did you know the original singer of ‘Blackout’? Well, it’s none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda! Keep the reels comin’ and enjoy creating them. Also, check out ‘Bust Your Knee Cap’ (Johnny Don’t Leave Me) Trending on the ‘Gram!