Clinical Psychology studies deduce a peculiar fascination of humans with true crime calling it a natural trait. Much like the appeal of horror novels or films, the attraction to true crime podcasts has also gained traction. Moreover, the resolution of justice contributes to the charm of true crime tales. Owing to their increased popularity, many crime podcasts have emerged in the entertainment sphere. One of the most popular name in this genre is the Desi Crime Podcast, which suddenly went on sabbatical for 6 months and recently announced their comeback and the reason for their disappearance. To celebrate this, we retrace some of our favourite episodes from the famous podcast series. 

Notorious Offenders in India

While many true crime enthusiasts are well-acquainted with infamous American serial killers like Dahmer and Kraft, India has its share of notorious criminals. Shockingly, the Guinness World Record for the most prolific murderer of all time is held by an Indian, boasting an astonishing count of over 931 bodies. Exploring the dark underbelly of the country is The Desi Crime Podcast, delivering gritty true crime stories innovatively.

A Journey into the Dark World

Hosted by the charismatic duo, Aishwarya Singh and Aryaan Misra, this dynamic pair brings to life some of the most gut-wrenching true crime stories not only from India but also from other Southeast Asian countries. 

From the Dons of Delhi to the Killers of Karachi, Aishwarya and Aryaan, through unique episodes, take listeners on a fear-infused, adrenalised journey through the most sinister crime cases in the Indian subcontinent.

What sets them apart is their observant eye and their commitment to cover cases that are rarely explored by mainstream media. The Desi Crime offers a fresh perspective on the region’s criminal landscape, without tarnishing them with biases.

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The Mystery of Desi Crime’s Disappearance

Just as the podcast was gaining immense popularity and became a part of our daily routine, it suddenly went missing, leaving fans bewildered. For close to six months, The Desi Crime Podcast ceased posting videos, leading to a drastic decline in their follower count. The absence sparked curiosity and speculation among fans and the digital community at large. The abrupt hiatus left many wondering about the fate of the once-thriving podcast.

Rising from the Digital Shadows

Just as the curiosity surrounding their disappearance began to fizzle, Aryaan and Aishwarya made a surprising comeback. An Instagram post offered apologies for the sudden disappearance and announced a forthcoming video explaining the reasons behind their absence. In a subsequent statement and video, the duo revealed a rift with their media company, Branch Media, and announced their allegiance to Desi Studios henceforth. 

Celebrating the return of Desi crime podcast with our top favourites


Our Top Favourites From Desi Crime

The Jolly Joseph Case

In the gripping narrative of the Jolly Joseph Case, Desi Crime Podcast explores the paradox of her name. One of the first few to bring out the horrendous crime, this will surely be our top pick from the Desi Crime.

Note: This Podcast no longer is available.

Celebrating the return of Desi crime podcast with our top favourite

The Nirbhaya Story

Delving into the harsh reality of sexual violence in India, Desi Crime sheds light on the unfortunate Nirbhaya case. Aryaan and Aishwarya handle the sensitive subject without sensationalising it, making it a memorable addition to their work.

Note: This Podcast no longer is available.

Celebrating the return of Desi crime podcast with our top favourite

The Kolkata House of Horrors

Breaking away from conventional family crime narratives, Desi Crime presents the chilling story of Kolkata’s House of Horrors where instead of hatred tearing a family apart, love takes a twisted turn. This story runs chills down our spine to date and we think nobody could have said it as well as the Desi Crime did.

The Queen of Malcha Mahal

In the Bhootbusters Season Premiere, Desi Crime ventures into the eerie Malcha Mahal, an 800-year-old hunting lodge in Delhi, believed to be cursed and home to a family that perished within its walls. The blend of a cursed house, a tragic family history, and an unresolved mystery makes this episode a personal favourite.

In the world of true crime podcasts, The Desi Crime Podcast has carved a name for itself. The duo’s return promises to reignite the fear-infused journey through the realms of dark and twisted homicides, relentless crime sprees, unsolved murders, mysterious disappearances, bloody manslaughters, and more.