Constable Girpade’s world is one where comedy meets crime. Touted to be a cop-comedy drama, this Amazon MiniTV show features an ensemble cast filled with comedians and hilarious comedy creators who play very eccentric characters. Amidst all the drama, mystery, and comedy, it gives an insight into the titular character’s thrilling journey filled with twists, turns, and laughter that will certainly keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Constable Girpade teaches viewers valuable life lessons with every episode.

Amazon MiniTV‘s Constable Girpade boasts of a cast filled with ace artists. The team includes creators like Khushaal Pawaar in the lead along with Neel, Saurabh Ghadge, Chandni Bhabhda, Dr. Sanket Bhosale, Shray Rai Tiwari, Gaurav Gera, Mangesh Kakad and actors like Muskan Bamne, Vrajesh Hirjee, Riva Arora, Vishal Malhotra, Vansh Sayani, and Mohd Alam Khan. Created by Saad Khan, the series follows the wild chase of Phenyl Mohan and his crazy encounters with Girpade in the middle of fun-loving disasters.

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The Social Nation team had the most eventful evening while chatting with the cast of Constable Girpade. Here are some excerpts from this exclusive and fun conversation with Khushaal Pawaar, Neel Salekar, Saurabh Ghadge, Chandni Bhabhda, and Shray Rai Tiwari:

cast of constable girpade with social nation exclusive interview Khushaal Pawaar, Neel Salekar, Saurabh Ghadge, Chandni Bhabhda, and Shray Rai Tiwari

How does it feel to add the word ‘actor’ to your other list of talents?

Everyone quipped “Bohot acha lag raha hai, bohot khushi ho rahi hai!” Khushaal further added that they don’t generally express their happiness on the outside, they internalise it. “But andar hum log maansic dance kar rahe hai,” he said.

Khushaal, you have called this your “dream project,” what was this dream and how did Constable Girpade make it come true?

Jo socha nahi tha itna jaldi hoga, voh ho gaya, toh aise lagta hai ki aur sapne dekhne chahiye,” mentioned Khushaal. The other cast members also appreciated his achievements saying it was long due with years of hard work behind it. Khushaal is truly grateful to get this project. Landing a lead role in a show just within 1.5 years of his content creation journey felt surreal to him.

What was your first reaction when you got the script in hand?

Everyone across the room had a unanimous reaction – they all found the script to be super fun and hilarious. All of them were convinced from the get-go that they wanted to do this show. Especially for Chandni and Saurav, who felt they were best suited for their characters “Saloni” and “Tedhi Maut” respectively ever since they auditioned. The roles matched with their personality and personal interests. And getting to act with their fellow creator friends was the cherry on top. 

Neel spoke about his screen test experience saying, “I was so surprised ki pehli baar itne time baad mujhe (script) padhte waqt hi itni hasi aa rahi hai. This script was so fresh I actually read the 10 episodes like I was reading a book, I was so hooked! Tab laga ki idhar hi itna funny hai toh on screen hum isko aur beautify kar sakte hai.

IMDb has given the series a 9.7/10, that’s HUGE! How does it feel?

Shray said that It’s an incredible feeling. “More than that I think people should look forward to Season 2,” he added. The cast was awe-struck and grateful for the number of people who took out time to watch and rate their show on IMDb. Saurav felt that the show doesn’t deserve a 9.7 rating, but rather a perfect 10. He said “Saad ne bohot acha likha hai, script bohot funny hai aur jo jokes hai voh kaafi real hai toh aur bhi maza aaya hai karne ko.” Chandni added that every character is very beautifully written and played by all the actors. As per Khushaal, for an actor to have his/her name on IMDb is a huge accomplishment. 

From content creation to acting, how has the journey been? 

Neel and Saurav find the process of content creation and acting to be similar to a certain extent, the only differences were longer working hours, doing things on a larger scale, and under a Director now. While creating content they are the sole captain right from scripting to shooting to editing, but when acting they need to listen to someone else, which was one major shift for them. They still found the process to be super fun given the sync that is created between co-stars. As for Chandni, she always wanted to be an actor. Mimicry and content creation happened by chance. And for Shray, it was the other way around – he’s an actor who got into content creation a year ago. He finds the latter tougher but he likes both.


Describe your character in 3 words.

Khushaal – “Gir, Pa, De.” On a serious note Constable Girpade “has big dreams, is clumsy, and honest.”

Neel – D’Mello is “same like me – good friend, loving, caring

Saurav – Tedhi Maut, the rapper, is “talented, chhapri, mother’s boy

Chandni – Saloni can be described as “over-friendly, honest, muhfat (straightforward)”

Shray – Sub inspector Mithilesh Dahiya is “brash, proper, adu (adiyal)

State the one quality that you would want to have of the other person.

For Shray – Chandni is outrageous, Saurav is extremely calm, Khushaal is driven, and Neel has this quality to lighten up the room. 

For Khushaal – I really like Saurav’s timing of dialogue, Neel is driven and his management skills are amazing, Shray has a calm and composed vibe, and I want Chandni’s energy and mimicry skills.

For Neel – Chandni’s energy and capability to energise others, Shray is composed and intellectual, Saurav is witty and intelligent and mature, and Khushaal’s farsightedness and ability to live in the present.

For Chandni – Khushaal’s hard work and never-give-up attitude, Neel has a lot of depth and is very focused, Saurav is funny and cool and calm.

What was your family’s reaction when they saw you on screen at the premiere?

Meri family itni supportive hai ki kuch bhi bada hota hai toh voh log zyaada react nahi karte hai,” said the lead actor, Khushaal. He said that his family has been very neutral in terms of reacting to such things ever since childhood. They know he’ll do well. Neel agreed to this saying, “I think middle-class families ke parents zyaada nahi react karte. Unko feel bohot hote rehta hai proud and everything, but whenever you ask they will never show it to you.” Even when he made his mother meet Saad, the director, she just said “bohot acha, thank you ha mere bete ko role diya. Ghar pe aana khaana khaane.” He further added that all this is new for them, the first premiere that his parents ever attended was his own. But in front of other people, they over-exaggerate their achievements, more than the actual ones. That’s just their way of expressing.

Saurav, we heard that there’s a big Bollywood project coming out soon and you are a part of it! Tell us something about it.

Yes aane wala hai. Actually iss (Constable Girpade) se pehle hi aa jaana chahiye tha. Hopefully issi saal aayega. Usme main bhi hoon aur hamara bhai @focusedindian a.k.a Karan bhi hai. Hum log kaafi excited hai aur kaafi time se wait kar rahe hai.” Given that its release has been postponed a couple of times, Saurav is now hoping it releases this year itself. He’s confident that the movie is good. He and his friends feel that he’s done well in it as well.

This super entertaining conversation helped us know our creators/actors much better. Whenever we see content creators act in shows and movies, it fills us with immense pride to see them come this far. Here’s to many more achievements creator fam! Go watch Constable Girpade on Amazon MiniTV. that too for free, if you haven’t already.