Ajey Nagar, the man behind the glorious YouTube channel CarryMinati, added another feather in his cap by hitting a mind boggling 30 MILLION Subscribers! 
Not long ago Ajey (who is popularly referred to as Carry by the community) had achieved the title of Number 1 Youtuber in Asia by surpassing Atta Haliltar after crossing a little more than 25 million subscribers. Now with this feat coming through we cannot help but be excited!!

Ajey, who started his Youtube journey at the age of 15 has undoubtedly grown with the platform absorbing the thick and thins of it. His fans too have never failed to back him up in his entire journey. Carry who initially started on Youtube by making roast videos has even tried stepping into different genres of content. For his love of gaming and live streams, he started another channel CarryisLive which will soon boast a subscriber count of 10 Million.

Carry has also released music tracks in collaboration with VIBGYOR and his elder brother Yash Nagar aka Wily Frenzy, respectively. His track YALGAAR: CARRYMINATI X Wily Frenzy has garnered a record of 229 Million views! (still counting)

Furthermore, Carry’s video “YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END” redefined breaking the internet. After release, Carry’s channel gained 1.2 million subscribers and the video gained 5.2 million likes in just 24hrs! The video also broke records of getting the fastest likes (3 million, 4 million and 5 million likes) and even became the first and the fastest Indian YouTube video to reach 10 million likes!
Sadly the video was taken down by YouTube as it was reported under “an act of Cyber Bullying and Harassment.” The move was equally disheartening for his fans as it was for Carry. Post takedown #JusticeForCarry trended on Twitter until Carry himself released a statement saying that the video will remain banned and will not be restored anytime in the future.

Apart from that he has also released his own disstrack titled ‘Bye pewdiepie’ which served as India’s fitting reply to PewDiePie’s disstrack on T-Series during the infamous PewDiePie Vs T-Series subscriber count battle.

CarryMinati’s achievement of hitting 30 million subscribers has been nothing less than a joyous emotional treat for his fans who just cannot help but be happy. Carry has always acknowledged his fans’ support and has also expressed his gratitude on numerous occasions. This time too was no different. In a heartfelt message on Twitter, Ajey thanked all his followers from the bottom of his heart and even shared an image of Dragon Ball Z characters Gohan and his father Goku portraying how his fans have supported him to unleash his best.
He wrote: ”….You have helped me so many times it’s hard to count…The young kid is me and the adult is you, giving me strength even when I feel I am about to lose. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.”

To our beloved Ajay,
Thank You for doing what you do.
Toh kaise hai aap log?” is a phrase etched into our souls for eternity. Now before we get too emotional there’s one person we really need to call….MOHITTTTT!!