The global community has been shaken by the harrowing ordeal of a Brazilian-Spanish tourist couple, Fernanda and Vicente, who faced a brutal assault during their motorcycle adventure in India’s Jharkhand state. Their traumatic experience has sparked international concern and demands for justice, shedding light on the safety risks encountered by travellers and the pervasive issue of sexual violence.

Influencer couple seeks justice after assault in Jharkhand


Tragic Encounter in Jharkhand

Fernanda and Vicente are global content creators known for their motorcycle adventures, encountered a nightmarish turn of events while camping in Dumka district, Jharkhand. Seven assailants targeted the couple, launching a vicious assault that left them with severe injuries. The couple’s distressing video footage, filmed from a hospital, reveals the extent of their trauma, with Vicente recounting the assailants’ brutal use of weapons and targeting Fernanda for gang rape.

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Immediate Response and Investigation

In the aftermath of the attack, the couple sought assistance from local authorities, leading to swift action by law enforcement. Superintendent of Police Pitambar Singh Kherwar confirmed the gangrape and reported the detention of three suspects. Forensic teams and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are actively involved in efforts to apprehend the remaining perpetrators, highlighting the government’s commitment to addressing such heinous crimes.

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Global Reaction and Support

The incident has sparked a wave of global outrage, drawing attention to the risks faced by international travellers and the pervasive issue of sexual violence. Fernanda and Vicente’s social media platform, previously a source of inspiration, has become a symbol of their resilience and a rallying point for supporters worldwide. The international community, along with the Spanish embassy in India, has extended support to the couple, emphasising the need for justice and safety for all individuals.

Broader Implications and Ongoing Discussions

The tragic incident has prompted discussions about the safety of tourists and broader implications for international relations and travel policies. As the investigation progresses, there is hope that the resolution of this case will mark a significant step towards combating sexual violence and safeguarding travellers globally.

The Influencer couple assault case throws light on sexual violence and need for justice

The ordeal faced by Fernanda and Vicente serves as a stark reminder of the challenges in combating sexual violence and ensuring the safety of travellers worldwide. The outpouring of support from the international community as well as from Indians underscores the importance of standing together in solidarity against such atrocities. As efforts to seek justice continue, steps must be taken to prevent similar incidents and create a safer environment for all individuals, regardless of their nationality or destination.