In today’s digital world, influencers have become incredibly powerful. They can persuade people’s choices with just a single post or video. But there’s more to it than just gaining popularity online. Influencers have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. That’s where an Influencer Brand Incubator comes in.

It helps content creators partner with experts who can help them create their own unique online businesses. By working together, they build brands that truly represent the influencers’ identity and values. This not only empowers the influencers but also benefits their fans and the brands they collaborate with. 

Introducing: Hanna Strömgren Khan

One such individual that is making a mark in this industry is Hanna Strömgren Khan. A Swedish citizen, Hanna has been residing and working in Mumbai since 2013. After completing her International Relations degree at Brown University in the United States, she ventured into consultancy, covering a diverse range of industries, and transitioned from the corporate sector to the startup realm. 

Her latest venture, Bozzil 

Today, she is a Brand Strategist. Hanna is the co-founder of Bozzil, an Influencer Brand Incubator that helps transform content creators into entrepreneurs, by developing their own authentic & meaningful e-commerce brands. They build brands in partnership with influencers who are true to and aligned with their personal brand – allowing them to extend their fan base & community into something tangible and long-lasting. 

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Bozzil’s Secret sauce

Bozzil is actively tapping into the expansive USD 400 billion e-commerce market in India by establishing innovative businesses through collaborations with influencers. These partnerships enable the brands to experience rapid growth from the very beginning and maintain their presence in the long run. The key driving force behind this success lies in the trust and credibility that each influencer holds within their own community. Bozzil recognizes this and has made it the foundation of its business model.

Currently, Hanna Strömgren Khan has two influencer-owned brands under her belt at Bozzil: ‘Simply Nam’, a beauty brand created by beauty professional & influencer Namrata Soni, and ‘Leezu’s’, a personal care brand founded by sexual health creator & podcaster, Leeza Mangaldas. Let’s know more about these brands.

Simply Nam

Simply Nam is an innovative Indian beauty brand launched in 2020. It combines science and nature to create safe, effective, and long-lasting products tailored for the Indian woman. Founded by makeup professional Namrata Soni, Simply Nam offers practical, affordable, and clean beauty solutions designed for Indian skin, lifestyle, and climate. The brand is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and developed in collaboration with top Scandinavian laboratories.

Talking about her partnership with Bozzil, founder Namrata Soni says, “Working with Bozzil has been an amazing experience since day one. I could not think of a more perfect fit. For years, I was looking for a company or partnership that would understand what I needed as an artist and help me create that from scratch. When I finally was introduced to the idea of launching something with Bozzil, I never looked back. Everything we do, we do together. Their attention to detail, transparency, hard work and loyalty, are things hard to come by these days. My partnership with Bozzil has allowed me to dream big.”


Leezu’s is an exciting personal care brand founded by Leeza Mangaldas. They offer a delightful collection of self-care and intimacy products, aiming to inspire joy, self-discovery, and positive experiences. With a mission to empower individuals, Leezu’s provides tools and education to navigate bodies, relationships, and experiences without shame, ensuring consensual, safe, and fun playtime.

In a quote about her partnership with Hanna & Bozzil, Leeza says, “I’ve known Hanna for 10 years, and her extreme professionalism, ethics, and keen aesthetic sense inspire great confidence in me – I’ve long thought that were I ever to be in business with someone, it would be her. We share a passion for the vision to be the best pleasure brand in India, and our mutual commitment to this vision, to quality, to hard work, and to success, as well as the trust that we share given how long we’ve known each other, makes this association with Bozzil the ideal partnership in my mind.”

Verdict: We are sooo here for it!

In the fast-changing world of influencer marketing, an Influencer Brand Incubator is a game-changer. We commend the efforts of Hanna Strömgren Khan and the team behind Bozzil in their efforts in helping influencers turn their passion into a real business. Now, they won’t just create content; they will create their own brands and products. This is great for the influencers because they have more control over their work and make money in different ways. 

But it’s also great for their fans, who get access to special products that the influencers believe in. And it’s great for the brands that partner with the influencers because they get to reach a loyal and engaged audience. By embracing Influencer Brand Incubators, we create a world where everyone benefits – influencers, their fans, and the brands that support them. Together, they shape the future of digital entrepreneurship and make a positive impact on people’s lives.