In an inspiring bid to give back to society, renowned rapper Badshah has taken on the role of a mentor to uplift underprivileged musicians from Mumbai’s Dharavi slum. Fuelled by a long-standing desire to support the hip-hop talent in Dharavi, the Dharavi Dream Project has become a dream come true for the musician. “Mentorship comes very naturally to me, perhaps because I never had a mentor when I started off. It’s a spiritually uplifting process,” he reflects.

Badshah joins the Dharavi Dream Project


What is the Dharavi Dream Project?

The Dharavi Dream Project, a notable NGO co-founded by celebrated composer AR Rahman, acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, and the late Samir Bangara, strives to discover and nurture talents from Dharavi. Collaborating with this organisation, Badshah aims to provide an opportunity for budding artists to showcase their potential and unleash their creativity on a broader platform.

Badshah on the Dharavi Dream Project

During his recent interactions with the young musicians, Badshah found himself in a studio-like atmosphere, jamming with passionate artists eager to learn and grow. Their untapped talent astounded him, and he recognises the abundance of Original Gangsters (OGs) just waiting to be discovered. Fortunately, in today’s rapidly evolving music industry, aspiring artists no longer have to depend solely on traditional labels and management for their big break. Multiple platforms and reality shows allow them to share their gifts with the world directly, empowering them to chart their own path to success.

Badshah is a part of Dharavi Dream Project


Reason why mentoring is important

The talented rapper believes that mentorship plays a pivotal role in shaping and nurturing promising talent, especially from unexpected places like Dharavi. Drawing from his own experiences and the lack of mentorship in his early career, Badshah is committed to investing time and effort in guiding these under-resourced talents over the next two years. His aim is to not only refine their musical skills but also provide them with the right tools and exposure needed to produce and publish their music independently.

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“I’d also love for them to collaborate with every top-ranking artiste in and outside the country,” he says, emphasising the importance of breaking barriers and fostering collaborations beyond geographical borders. In an interconnected world, music has the power to transcend boundaries and unite people from diverse backgrounds.

Badshah and Dharavi Dream Project collaborates


Badshah’s vision extends beyond music-making skills. He recognises that artists need to be multifaceted hustlers to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Alongside honing their musical talents, he plans to train them in various other areas that are essential for success in the modern music industry.

Through this mentorship program, Badshah is not just imparting musical knowledge but also empowering these aspiring musicians to take charge of their artistic journey. By providing the right guidance and exposure, he aims to instil a sense of self-belief and confidence in their abilities.

Badshah on Dharavi Dream Project Team


As a prominent figure in the music industry, Badshah’s involvement is not only a testament to his dedication to giving back but also a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and diversity within the entertainment realm. By supporting talent from marginalised communities, he is not just amplifying their voices but also creating a more equitable and representative industry.

Badshah expanding his online presence

Social media today is not merely a luxury but a necessity for artists and celebrities today. One has to consistently make their presence felt to continue to bask in the glory. Badshah is well with this strategy and time and again has paid attention to it. Recently, he was seen on Raj Shamani’s popular show speaking about his journey, the fake views controversy and his take on what it takes to be a rapper. The earnest conversation touched chords with people, winning the episode a huge number of views. 

In conclusion, Badshah’s journey as a mentor to underprivileged musicians from Mumbai’s Dharavi slum is an inspiring tale of empowerment and altruism. His passion for uplifting the next generation of artists, combined with the resources provided by The Dharavi Dream Project, has the potential to transform lives and enrich the world of music. As these talented individuals blossom under his guidance, the entire industry will bear witness to the powerful impact of mentorship and the magic that can be unleashed when dreams are nurtured with love and support.