Babil Khan, the talented and dynamic son of the late Bollywood legend Irrfan Khan, has not only inherited his father’s talent but also his warmth and kindness towards the paparazzi. The actor is all set to grace our screens once again with his upcoming project, Friday Night Plan, which is all set to premiere on Netflix on the 1st of September. After leaving a lasting impression with his exceptional debut performance in the Netflix psychological drama Qala, Babil is now ready to enthral audiences with his magnetic presence in this exciting new web series.

The Paparazzi Delight

Babil Khan’s down-to-earth and kind nature is indeed a reflection of his father’s legacy, which extends beyond his exceptional acting talent. The late Irrfan Khan was known for his humility and genuine interactions with people, and it is heartwarming to see that Babil is carrying forward this spirit.

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As he stepped out of a building, his eyes lit up upon spotting the paparazzi, and without hesitation, he began jumping for joy, showcasing his infectious excitement. Despite his fame and the constant media attention that comes with it, Babil’s genuine affection for the photographers was evident. He greeted them with folded hands and engaged in friendly banter, making sure to pause and pose for the shutterbugs.

Babil Khan is a volcano of talent


Dressed in a striking multi-coloured jacket paired with trousers of the same vibrant hue, Babil made quite the style statement. Underneath the eye-catching jacket, he wore a light blue shirt, and his funky neck chains added a touch of flair to his ensemble. He was leaving the building after finishing an ad shoot, where he had a wholesome interaction with the media. 

Friday Night Plan

The teaser of the web series Friday Night Plan, featuring Juhi Chawla and Babil Khan in a fresh and surprising pairing as mother and son, was shared on Twitter by Juhi Chawla. Produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani’s Excel Entertainment, the series is set to release on Netflix on September 1. 

The teaser, directed by Vatsal Neelakantan, starts with Juhi’s voiceover, where she informs her two sons that she may have to stay overnight in Pune and asks if they will be alright for one day. This leads to an unexpected night out for the two brothers. In the teaser, Babil’s character is seen going out, dancing on the dance floor, and flirting with his classmate, having the time of his life. The series explores the chaotic yet hilarious events that unfold when a mother leaves her two sons home alone for a day.

Babil and OTT

Babil’s charm and warmth are not the only reasons why fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming projects. His debut performance in the 2022 Netflix psychological drama, Qala, left an indelible mark on the audience, earning him widespread acclaim for his acting skills.

Now, fans have another reason to be excited as the trailer for Babil Khan’s next venture, Friday Night Plans, has been released, offering a tantalising glimpse of what’s in store.

Unlike many actors who often get typecast by sticking to repetitive roles, Babil is actively choosing to explore new and uncharted territories in his career. After making his debut in the web film Qala, he is now ready for his next venture. While Qala was an intense script, his next project, Friday Night Plan, is a lighter and more fun film. 

Babil emphasises that he never had a specific desire to only appear in theatres or on the big screen. Being the son of the late actor Irrfan, Babil’s main aspiration is to become a successful actor, and he is open to embracing changes in his craft. His primary goal is to work as an actor and connect with audiences, irrespective of the platform they use to watch his work, be it OTT platforms, computers, phones, or theatres.

He points out that he doesn’t receive scripts every day and doesn’t have the luxury to choose his medium of work. Babil auditions for roles, and if he likes the script, he takes up the project regardless of its release platform.

The young actor’s charm and versatility have already won him a special place in the hearts of the audience, and his kind and down-to-earth nature is reminiscent of his mannerism and upbringing. As the excitement builds up for the release of Friday Night Plan, fans are eagerly awaiting another brilliant performance from Babil Khan, along with the fun-filled chemistry between him and the ever-charming Juhi Chawla.