In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Instagram has once again managed to captivate its users with a feature – Broadcast Channels – and it’s surely fun to experiment with. This exciting addition has taken the platform by storm, revolutionizing how creators connect with their audiences. This feature provides an intimate and up-close glimpse into the lives of their favorite creators.

If you’re eager to connect with your favorite creators on a more personal level and get an up-close look into their lives, joining their broadcast channels on Instagram is the way to go. How do you join? You can access it from their profile by tapping “Join broadcast channel.” People not yet following the creator will be prompted to do so. After joining the channel, it will appear in the Instagram inbox next to other message threads.

We have listed a few of your favorite creators’ broadcast channels that you can join!

Awez Drabar

Awez Darbar, the renowned and most-loved social media influencer and content creator, has an exciting broadcast channel named “Awez ke Gangsters,” which offers an even more intimate and up-close look at his mischievous and funny habits. Through this channel, fans get to explore a different side of Awez that goes beyond his curated posts.

But it’s not just all fun and games on this broadcast channel. Awez Darbar also extends his love for football to his followers by hosting exciting giveaways. Lucky fans have the chance to win football passes, giving them an opportunity to be a part of Awez’s intended love for the sport. This interactive and engaging approach creates a sense of inclusivity among his followers, fostering a strong and positive community. With a mix of mischievous charm and genuine love for his fans, Awez continues to leave a lasting impact on social media, making “Awez ke Gangsters” a must-follow broadcast channel for anyone looking to experience the lighter side of this talented content creator.

Apoorva Mukhija

Oh, you simply can’t miss Apoorva, aka the.rebel.kid, and her broadcast channel – “Rebellions.” Get ready to brace yourself for an absolute rollercoaster of hilarity and absurdity because she just posts anything and everything, no filters – it’s all about embracing the chaos and living life unapologetically, one random message at a time.

And if you think you’ve seen it all, think again! Keep yourself ready for a treat of random, weird face selfies that defy all logic and make you question the very essence of normalcy. What’s even more entertaining is her squad of friends who make guest appearances on the broadcast. But let’s face it – normal is boring, and this channel is anything but that! So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of memes, laughter, and sheer absurdity, join “Rebellions” and embrace the unapologetically weird, wonderful, and wickedly funny world of the rebel herself.

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Neel Salekar

Welcome to the captivating world of @just_neel_things and his broadcast channel – “Just Chill Things“! Neel is a multi-talented content creator, and he uses his broadcast to share everything, from real-time updates of the exciting events he attends to sending hilarious memes and quirky audio notes. He leaves no stone unturned in keeping his followers engaged and entertained.

With a charming and endearing style, Neel offers his followers cute and quick access to his day-to-day life. Whether he’s exploring new places, trying out fun activities, or simply enjoying a laid-back day, he takes you on an adventure through his lens, giving you a delightful glimpse into his world. But what truly sets “Just Chill Things” apart is Neel’s unique way of connecting with his audience. He has a special fondness for speaking to all his followers in Marathi, making them feel like cherished friends. With witty humor and relatable anecdotes, he brings laughter and joy to everyone’s feed.

Srishti Garg

Step into the delightful world of Srishti Garg and her broadcast channel – “Some Cool Name” – where she brings a whole new level of humor and self-talking (cause she’s just mostly replying to herself)! With a charming and endearing personality, Srishti loves to be funny just the way she is and her broadcast is a treasure trove of laughter and random things.

She fearlessly shares her thoughts, feelings, and hilarious conversations with herself, making her followers feel like they have a front-row seat to her amusing inner world. Her candid and unfiltered self-talks are a breath of fresh air, and you’ll find yourself nodding along, relating to the charming chaos of her mind. So, if you’re ready for a daily dose of humor, laughter, and self-talk, then join Srishti on her adventure of random polls and “dal-chawal” updates.

DJ Shaan

If you’re a fan of DJ Shaan and his incredible music, then “Shaan Army” is a broadcast channel you don’t want to miss! By following his channel, you gain exclusive access to a world of exciting content and up-close experiences as he shares new music updates before anyone else, giving his loyal followers a first-hand glimpse into his latest creations.

But that’s not all – as he also provides sneak peeks into his electrifying events and performances. It’s a chance to feel like part of the inner circle, witnessing the energy and enthusiasm that drives his incredible performances. With this channel, you have the unique opportunity to submit your songs for “Bharat Ki Shaan,” making it possible for your music to reach an even broader audience. So, if you’re ready for exclusive music updates and backstage access, then don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to follow “Shaan Army” on Instagram!

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of laughter, inspiration, and genuine connections, start following your favorite creators’ broadcast channels now! And don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite – we’d love to hear about the incredible experiences you have with these talented individuals. Happy broadcasting!