Arpita Gupta is a Delhi based digital fashion creator who also has a thrift account on Instagram, @snazzythriftt. Her content surrounds haul videos, styling, trends, recreations, and more. With more than 18 thousand followers on Instagram, she is seen to slay her fashion looks with every photo/video she uploads. She also becomes the ultimate guide in helping people with all aspects of fashion. So without further ado, let us talk about five fashion reels by Arpita Gupta that prove her page to be much more informative as well as inspiring.

1. Budget Shopping Guide for Jeans

2. An Outfit Made from Scratch

3. Styling Guide

4. Adaptations and Recreations

5. Trending with Hoping on Trends

All these subpoints help Arpita become the content creator and influencer that she is. Her page becomes a roof for everything under fashion from budget shopping, trends, styling videos to the journey of styling and sometimes, even the journey of outfit creation. If you liked her page as much as me and want to see more of her content, do not forget to go through her page until my pen writes more for you. Happy fashion learning, y’all!