Ravi Shastri is increasingly becoming a favourite of advertisers for his impeccable comic timing and his overall entertaining screen presence. In an interesting brand campaign, the renowned cricket commentator and former cricket coach, takes centre stage as he gets on a transformative journey with Bumble, the women-first dating app. In his unique style, Ravi Shastri does what he does best, aka commentary, and this time it is not through a cricket match but through the dating history of the youth. With this collaboration, both Bumble and Shastri aim to provide dating commentary tailored for India’s youth while celebrating the power of authenticity in both dating and life.

Ravi Shastri for Bumble brand campaign

Shastri’s Existential Journey

The brand campaign introduces us to Shastri’s transformative journey. As Bumble approached the cricket legend for a unique collaboration, inviting him to provide commentary on dating targeted at India’s youth, Shastri is left in shock. However, later this opportunity sparked a remarkable transformation in Shastri’s perspective, with which he pushed the youth to do better.

Ravi Shastri speaks on love for Bumble campaign


The Campaign

In the brand campaign, Ravi Shastri is seen speaking to the camera in a rather bewildered state as Bumble approaches him to do “commentary on dating” and “inspire the youth”. However, to fit the role, Shastri begins to embrace the GenZ fashion and loans the GenZ dictionary. He even starts to use the GenZ lingo at cricket stadiums receiving some glances from his contemporaries. One fine day, Ravi Shastri realises what he’s trying to do does not really align with what he truly is and that the real power comes from being true to oneself.

Power of Authenticity

Paarmi Modi, India and Southeast Asia Marketing Director for Bumble, shared the campaign’s core message: “There’s nothing sexier than being yourself.” The campaign underscores the importance of authenticity, emphasising that a meaningful dating journey commences with embracing one’s true self.

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Applying Life Lessons from Cricket

Shastri, drawing from his illustrious cricket career, highlights the invaluable life lessons he’s learned on and off the field. “My profession, playing cricket, taught me adaptability,” Shastri explains. He underscores the importance of being ready for challenges and enjoying every endeavour. These lessons from cricket can be seamlessly applied to various aspects of life, as the game imparts a wealth of knowledge.

Ravi Shastri brings cricket and love together for Bumble campaign


Ravi Shastri’s partnership with Bumble is surely one of a kind. While being hysterical, the campaign also imparts important life lessons to the youth. It stands testament to the timeless message that authenticity is paramount, whether in the world of dating or in life’s broader journey. By encouraging India’s youth to embrace their genuine selves, this campaign carries the inspirational message that being authentic is the key to success both on and off the field. Through Shastri’s journey of self-discovery, Bumble invites individuals to celebrate their uniqueness and make their dating experiences more meaningful. This partnership beautifully demonstrates the synergy between life’s lessons and the pursuit of authenticity, reminding us that the best way to thrive in any walk of life is to be unapologetically yourself.