We already spoke about the upcoming season of ‘Never have I Ever’ tv series. (Tap HERE to read it) And now that it is streaming, we’re back to talk about Netflix India featuring content creators to promote the same. Aw, sweet Devi, look how everyone’s been showing an interest in your life and you! Anyway, while Devi takes her time to blush, let us get right to it and watch the amazing content that I bring to you today. So here’s presenting Netflix India promoting the Never Have I Ever series with social media influencers.

First, I’ll give you a recap, or as Prajakta likes to call it, a “jogging of the memory,” in order to get you ready for the second season. Add all the twists, good looks, savage comebacks, and drama you can handle. When a film has something for everyone, you have to be completely immersed in it from the start. And, without incorporating to the confusion, our very own MostlySane assists us in jotting everything down, recalling the movie, and bringing us to the climax, the cliffhanger.

Devi’s response when she realises Paxton is right outside her door will be interesting to watch. What is she going to do? Well, we’ll find out eventually, and we can’t wait. But here’s Prajakta giving us the season 1 synopsis with a dash of Mostlysane, and we’re totally digging it.

And now that we remember watching the series and all that it consisted of, here’s Netflix India, yet again, presenting ‘The Ultimate Never Have I Ever’ debate. Featuring Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama in the ‘Agree to Disagree’ battle, this video presents to us the 2 sides – Team Ben VS. Team Paxton. Would you rather Devi date the enemy-to-lover or handsome-guy-falls-in-love-with-a-funny-nerd kind of a guy? Watch their opinions and decide for yourself right away by tapping on this video!

Well, I hope Netflix India keeps coming up with more such videos because gosh, don’t I love fictional discussions. The storyline is beaming with answers so go and watch Never Have I Ever on Netflix right away! And until my pen writes more for you, here’s Netflix India’s Instagram page and YouTube channel for you to consume the content curated especially for you! Here’s to Devi’s dramatic life!