Mumbai-based artist, Akshath Acharya is a singer and music producer. His musical content is loved by all, gaining him 30.4K followers on Instagram. Recently, he got the opportunity to be the music director and singer of Malklist’s new advertisement regarding cheese crackers, which featured Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachchan, and Anikha Surendran, who’s an actress in the Malayalam and Tamil film industry.

Breathless Films was behind the advertisement, and Bhavesh Karkera was the director. Swadha Shetty and Vinil Mathew were the executive producers. Ravi K Chandran was the DOP and Sanket Satam was the product DOP. Agency was Cut the Crap. Here are some behind-the-scenes moments for you all.

Akshath had also been one of the six winners of Social Nation’s talent hunt competition ‘Big Break’ in 2019. He got the chance to showcase his singing ability at the Social Nation event at Jio World Garden with all the famous digital creators. What a fortune!

Previously, he also released his first music video ‘I Don’t Mind’ with Universal Music India and Sterling Reserve Music Project. He was the sole lyricist, singer, composer of the song, and also did the mixing and mastering. You won’t believe it but the opening music was from Zephyrtone.

Truly, Akshath Acharya is an inspiration for his hard work and talent. He’s the rising star of the music industry, and we wish him to remain determined and be more and more successful. It’s not easy to work with such big names from the music as well as the acting industry, but Akshath is just on another level.