Instagram is now working on “Bonuses” a new feature that will let creators monetize their content and earn revenue in return.


Ever since its inception Instagram has seen a rise in popularity and proportionally the number of users. Time and again it has come up with new features to complement the growth. IGTV, Stories, Multiple Posts and the most trending Instagram Reels. Reels by far has been the most successful venture Instagram has come up with. With millions of short videos getting posted across a billion profiles within a single day only justifies how fruitful the feature has been.


There has been a lot of speculation about content monetization on Instagram. While sponsored posts exist, there isn’t quite a way for monetizing personal content but seems like the need has been answered.
Popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi on his twitter shared photos of what could be Instagram’s next roll out feature “Bonuses” which will be a new way to monetize content.

From the images shared, it can be inferred that the feature will be available to those who have a “Creator Account” (if you don’t have one then simply switch your profile to creator profile in the settings tab). 
Furthermore, the Bonuses feature can be seen targeting reels as a source of revenue with a built in ‘
Track Your Progress‘ tab to track how much progress a creator has made. In addition to that the ‘Access New Earning Opportunities‘ tab will be made available too for updating creators with new opportunities.

However, with everything said and done it is still not known what the eligibility criteria for content monetization will be and so far there has been no news about the official release of “Bonuses” as the feature is still work in progress.
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