In the world of fantasy it is good to be realistic. After all, acceptance is what leads to understanding. Today, the Internet is blessed with good content, content that motivates people, makes them laugh, come out and a whole lot more. Going by the popular Yin & Yang saying.


There’s good in bad and bad in good, proportionally the world of the Internet is no different. In Spite of all the positivity that exists, there is a side which makes people insecure and negative about their beautiful self. Having a ‘perfect figure’ is simply a myth imposed by the enchanting world of social media but truth to be told, not having the infamous ‘perfect figure‘ affects people and makes them feel bad about their body. This calls for the need for body positivity. In our quest for body positivity we came across Diksha Singhi.

Diksha whose Instagram profile goes by the username @alwaysalittleextra is a content creator focused on the subject of Body Positivity. As per her Instagram bio Diksha is “Redefining How You Perceive Beauty & Look at Bodies“, she also believes that Health is far greater than everything.

Diksha believes that acceptance is what makes us compassionate to others and kinder to ourselves. It is perfectly alright to have the ‘extra’ figure as long as you’re fine with it.

Often on her Instagram she receives unfortunate flak, but that only motivates her to take a step further in the right direction (she was never wrong after all). Diksha preaches but also lives by her sayings, because only when you follow can the world expect you to teach. She has what can claim rightly said goodbye to insecurities and we are proud to have creators like her blessing our feed.


To Diksha and all our readers, 
Say goodbye to your inner critic, and take this pledge to be kinder to yourself and others.
– Oprah Winfrey