In the world that we live in, many times children have to face the brunt because of their parents. If your parents are successful, suddenly everybody expects the same amount of success from you. Star kids are no different. They are constantly under scrutiny and face criticism for their slightest slip. Beyoncé, a celebrated artist of our times, is riding the success wave with the release of her recent film, Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce, spotlighting her tour. However, the film has not only made noise to commemorate the music but also addressed the scrutiny faced by her daughter, Blue Ivy, for her first dance performance on Beyonce’s show. However, the internet had a different reaction to it, which was rather heartwarming to see.

Internet speaks up for Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy on Stage

Being 11 years old, Blue Ivy Carter graced the stage during her mother’s performances of ‘My Power’ and ‘Black Parade.’ against her mother’s wish. Initially, Blue Ivy’s dance moves reflected a learning curve, however, they evolved extensively as the tour moved ahead. Despite initial hesitation, Beyonce’s agreement to allow her daughter to perform during her tour seeing her hard work and dedication and the phenomenal growth she has shown as an artist. 

Above the Criticism

While Blue Ivy’s debut performance faced criticism on social media, the film also showcased Beyonce’s concern upon witnessing her daughter being targeted. However, what won the hearts of netizens was how Blue Ivy rose from this adversity and her response to the criticism. Instead of surrendering to negativity, she embraced it as motivation to train rigorously, eventually securing multiple appearances on the tour.

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Support and Admiration Flood In

The internet community swiftly rallied around Blue Ivy, condemning the unjust criticism and applauding her resilience. Social media platforms witnessed many supportive messages, praising her determination and refusal to be deterred by harsh remarks.

Internet users expressed admiration for Blue Ivy’s strength and commitment, recognising her as a true “Queen” who faced criticism and praise with equal grace. People took to Twitter to admire her strength in dealing with social media hate and appreciation, a quality in which many adults even fail.

Beyonce’s film not only documents her musical journey but also highlights a touching narrative of resilience shown by her daughter, Blue Ivy. The soaring success of the movie can be credited to the many emotional touchpoints it covers along with the Beyonce’s brilliance. Despite initial challenges and criticism, Blue Ivy’s determination to improve and excel on stage serves as an inspiration, showcasing her strength as a young performer in the public eye. Internet cushioning Blue Ivy highlights the goodness and sense of community these platforms showcase, which is truly interesting to observe.