In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, content creators have been spreading love and cheer through adorable brand collaborations. From heartwarming videos to wholesome social media posts, creators are teaming up with brands to share romantic gestures and thoughtful gift ideas with their followers.

Whether it’s showcasing sweet treats, cozy date night essentials, or heartfelt messages, these collaborations prove to be a big hit. With their creative flair and genuine enthusiasm, content creators are helping brands connect with audiences in meaningful ways, making Valentine’s Day celebrations even more special and memorable for everyone involved.

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Let’s take you through some of our favourite creators and their brand collaborations this Valentine’s Day:

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Prajakta and Vrishank

The cutest lovebirds collaborated with the cutest chocolate brand – Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. The video begins with Vrishank asking Prajakta what she will gift him for Valentine’s Day. She responds by saying “Pani Puri?“, leaving Vrishank puzzled. Then she goes on to narrate a cute date they had involving Pani Puri and solving a puzzle.

Prajakta shows him something she made for him – an adorable short film directed by Zoya Akhtar and powered by AI, depicting their favourite moments. She explains how you can scan the bar code on a Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk pack and bring to life your precious moments with the AI versions of you both on

The brand carried out this beautiful Valentine’s Day campaign with 3 more couples – Aishwarya Mohanraj and Aakash Shah, Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik, and Rohit Saraf and Pashmina Roshan. They also took this cutesy idea all the way to Spoken Fest 2024 letting many couples create a special short film of their core memories.

Manav and Unnati

KitKat India being its quirky self urged couples to share a Kit with their Kat. This got them wondering who’s who as they argued why they should be Kit/Kat. Just like Manav and Unnati are here. Manav asks her who out of them is Kit and Unnati confidently votes for herself since she throws the best parties. Manav argues “But the party only starts when I walk in, so I’m Kit” (we love a Ke$ha fan!)

Unnati cites more instances that make her Kit while Manav tries to counter them, leaving the couple into an endless loop of debate. “Even if we drive each other crazy, we still complete each other🥰, Because we are just like Kit and Kat. But don’t ask us who is what! 😋” read their caption. Through this campaign KitKat basically asks you “Who makes your break complete?

And they make you realise that whether you are Kit or Kat, your other half completes you. The brand carried out the “You Make My Break” campaign with creator couples, creator besties, as well as celebrity siblings.

Ritvi and Sarthak

These two are forever couple goals! In collaboration with IGP, Ritvi created a Valentine’s special two-part series. The first part is titled “She is in love” which showcases instances like date nights and celebrations that make her fall for Sarthak. With Taylor Swift’s ‘You Are In Love‘ playing in the background, she has synced every frame and scene in the reel to the song’s lyrics along with many of IGP’s cute gifts.

Part 2 of this extremely adorable series is the POV “He is in love” in collaboration with Touch 925 – a jewellery brand. This one begins with them having breakfast in bed and exploring the many jewels of the brand. Again in sync with TayTay’s song, the reels are nothing short of a music video. We are sobbing at their cuteness!

Mrunu and Anirudh

One of our absolute favourites, Mrunu and Anirudh created the cutest brand collab with Vaseline India. Anirudh wishes to gift his fiancé something different for Valentine’s. He creates an adorable little date night set up in their balcony as a surprise for Mrunu where they enjoy deserts. Anirudh then goes down on his knee and presents a Hershey’s Kisses Lip Therapy balm by Vaseline to her.

They showcase the various benefits of the product as Mrunu applies the chocolaty lip balm on her and his lips. “A Valentine’s gift that’s out of the box, something she’ll love and extremely functional” is how Anirudh described his thoughtful gift to Mrunu.

Komal and Siddharth

The couple that never misses any opportunity to shower love on each other – Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra, collaborated with Swarovski. Adorned in Swarovski jewels, it’s giving “power couple“. Usually lovers of extravagant and over-the-top fashion, the lovebirds decided to keep their look minimal and chic while they let the jewels shine. “A little bit of romance, a little bit of shine. We’re ready for Valentine’s with @swarovski, are you? 🥰🫶🏻” read their caption.

creator couples valentine's day brand collaborations komal pandey siddharth batra swarovski

Well, this made us feel single in 100 different ways 🙁 But we still love ‘love’ and we always will! These amazing creators have definitely made it easy to decide what to gift your partner thanks to all the ideas they dropped through their brand collaborations. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!