Looking for the perfect shows to cuddle up this Valentine’s Day? Ditch the cheesy rom-coms and dive into the diverse world of Indian web shows that offer a refreshing variety of love stories. From light-hearted romps to complex narratives, these five picks will cater to every mood and preference. So, grab your popcorn, snuggle close, and get ready to fall in love!

Crushed Season 4 Pocket Aces Dice Media YouTube Valentine's Day

Crushed Season 4 

This coming-of-age dramedy by Dice Media returns for its fourth season and is releasing on the 9th of February 2024. Starring Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Aadhya Anand, Naman Jain, Arjun Deswal, Urvi Singh, and Anupriya Caroli, the series follows the lives of four friends navigating the complexities of young adulthood, love, and career aspirations. The previous three seasons of “Crushed” garnered immense popularity for its relatable portrayal of teenage emotions, realistic conflicts, and light-hearted humour and it also lies in the fresh casting and the ensemble cast’s strong performances. Season 4 promises new heartbreaks, unexpected connections, and self-discovery journeys for the beloved characters. Crushed celebrates friendship, individuality, and the search for love in its truest form. Amidst academic pressures, family expectations, and societal norms, they discover themselves, challenge stereotypes, and chase their dreams.

Half Love Half Arranged

Half Love Half Arranged Karan Wahi Dice Media Manvi Gagroo Valentine's Day

This light-hearted rom-com created by Dice Media takes a modern spin on the age-old arranged marriage setup. Buckle up for a hilarious and heart-warming journey of love in “Half Love Half Arranged,” starring Maanvi Gagroo and Karan Wahi. Riya Tanwar, a fiercely independent 30-year-old with a perfectly planned life, faces heartbreak and dives headfirst into the chaotic world of arranged marriages. Between awkward dates and family pressure, will she find true love? Karan Wahi shines as Jogi Hooda, adding depth and charm to the story. Get ready for witty humour, relatable situations, and a cliff-hanger ending that will leave you wanting more! Laugh, cry, and swoon alongside Riya as she discovers that love can blossom in the most unexpected places.


Mismatched Netflix Prajakta Koli Rohit Saraf Valentine's Day

Mismatched on Netflix is a quirky rom-com adventure starring Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf. This show is a vibrant and relatable portrayal of young love, packed with humour, wit, and heartfelt moments. It celebrates individuality and encourages embracing differences. Mismatched centers around Dimple, a fiery, rebellious young woman, and Rishi, a nerdy app developer. When Dimple is forced to join Rishi’s app-building competition, their contrasting personalities clash, leading to hilarious situations. But as they work together, their initial dislike morphs into a sweet and unexpected romance. 

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College Romance

College Romance Valentine's Day Gagan Arora Approva Arora TVF Play

College Romance by TVF Play offers a heart-warming and relatable journey of young love featuring Apoorva Arora, Gagan Arora and Ambarish Varma, showcasing the innocence, excitement, and challenges of first loves. This light-hearted and nostalgic series delves into the lives of five friends navigating the exciting and chaotic world of college life. It follows their journey of self-discovery, academic pressures, budding romances, and unforgettable experiences. College Romance captures the essence of young love, friendship, and chasing dreams with warmth and humour.  

Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates Sumeet Vyas Nidhi Singh Valentine's Day web series

This iconic web series explores the complexities of a live-in relationship between Mikesh and Tanya, two best friends who decide to share an apartment. Their journey showcases the ups and downs of friendship, love, career struggles, and finding their place in the world. Featuring Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh, Permanent Roommates strikes a perfect balance between humour, vulnerability, and poignant observations on modern relationships. Permanent Roommates offers a realistic and relatable portrayal of love and commitment, highlighting the importance of communication, understanding, and compromise in long-term relationships. Watch this series on Amazon Prime.

So, this Valentine’s Day, ditch the clichés and delve into the diverse world of Indian web-shows for a refreshing and relatable take on love, laughter, and self-discovery. Happy streaming!

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