YouTube channels have been nothing less of a learning opportunity and it shows. Whether you’re stuck in a place for some solution or need to make an absolute beautiful art project- there is one stop solution for that and it is-DIY videos that will sort out your problems.

Here are five of the best Indian YouTube channels for DIY art:

Mad Stuff With Rob

This channel is run by Rob, who is an artist, designer, and DIY enthusiast. He shares fun and creative DIY art projects that you can do at home using easily available materials.

Rob being the best diy artist we’ve all known since our childhood has upgraded from just making things from mixing glue and water and will now teach you the latest hacks that are required.


This channel has a wide range of DIY art and craft projects, including paper crafts, home decor, and jewelry making. They have easy-to-follow tutorials that are perfect for beginners.

The channel offers you hack to not let anything at your home go to waste. This channel is turning all your waste to best in ways that you did not know you needed to know!

DIY Queen

This channel is run by Suzie, who shares DIY projects related to home decor, fashion, and beauty. She uses simple and affordable materials to create unique and stylish DIY art pieces.

DIY Queen promotes doing things on your own as the all-in-one solution to all of your issues. You’ll avoid burning a hole in your wallet, and it facilitates domestic recycling.

After starting as a DIY only channel, she has now started posting videos of challenges too.

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This channel specializes in paper crafts and origami. They have a wide variety of easy and fun DIY projects that you can do with just a few sheets of paper.

Creative Hours

Creative Hours, as a channel features DIY art and craft projects, as well as DIY home decor ideas. They have a mix of traditional and modern DIY projects that are perfect for all skill levels.

These channels offer a wide variety of DIY art projects and ideas that you can try at home. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DIY enthusiast, you’re sure to find some inspiration on these channels.

Do check out and let us know about more such channels that have realistically helped you out in the time of need.