The renowned singer, who we know as Meghan Trainor, used to record songs using a digital audio workstation, GarageBand (source: Wikipedia) in her youth. Today, she has become a renowned pop singer and songwriter with recognition written all over her albums. Her songs are celebrated worldwide and I couldn’t help but cherish it myself. So, without further ado, here’s featuring Meghan Trainor’s five acoustic YouTube videos and celebrating her music with you!

1. No ft. Crowd Singing

2. All About That Bass Live Recording

3. Just a Friend to You

4. Title

5. Lips are Moving

We’re on the same path if you danced, sung along, smiled, and expressed your enthusiasm for music. It’s lovely to watch how much she enjoys performing what she’s written in each video. Her songs are one of my favourites, and these videos hold a special place in my heart. I hope you felt the same way, and if you did, thank you for joining me in honouring her music. This is the celebration for Meghan making it from digital to a well-known singer. I’m going to go look for more of these videos with warmth and affection. Allow the music to enhance your day until my pen writes more for you by TAPPING HERE (Surprise, bonus video for you)! Happy musical binging, y’all!