Twitter has rolled out two new updates for DMs, which have been in the works for a few months but are now getting a full launch in the app.

The first change is that users can now react directly to any message within a DM thread, making it simpler to participate in group chats and discussions and giving them more visibility into who and what they are responding to in-stream.

Users can now reply to a specific message in a chat thread, as shown in the tweet posted by social media analyst Matt Navarra below, and that response will be aligned to the original message bubble rather than being added to the end of the chain.

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Users can now respond to messages with a larger variety of emojis thanks to a new emoji picker that Twitter has added to Direct Messages.

Twitter first previewed this back in January, and it will provide users more options for sending rapid emoji responses within direct messages (DMs), which might add another enjoyable dimension to user chat conversations.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, also said that the first version of encrypted direct messages (DMs) will be released this week, enhancing the app’s security and privacy in addition to these changes.

Twitter DM features

Twitter has been working on encrypted direct messages (DMs) and Musk has listed this as one of his top priorities at the time. And although some people are worried about the additional security that encryption might be able to offer for illegal conduct, the general conclusion seems to be that enhanced security for all users is more vital than the hazards associated with encouraging such among the few.

Musk also claims that Twitter Direct Messages will soon support audio and video calling, increasing the service’s connectivity.