They are encouraging thousands more Facebook creators, many of whom had previously taken part in our Reels Play bonus program, to take part in our revised tests. And they’ll be piloting a similar program on Instagram in the upcoming weeks.

Additionally, the program is being updated to compensate creators based on the success of their public reels rather than the revenue from adverts on those reels. This means that while enhancing the ad experience for both consumers and advertisers, content creators can concentrate on producing interesting content.

“Today, we’re updating and expanding our Ads on Reels tests so more creators can earn money for creating and sharing engaging public reels.” announced Meta Blog.

How to Earn

The number of plays will dictate how to earn payouts. A creator can make more money the better their reel does. They might start incorporating other signals into rewards in the future.

Traditionally, several factors outside of content providers’ control have affected their ad profits, such as how many commercials have already been displayed to the viewer or if there is an appropriate ad to present to that viewer. With a performance-based model, producers can concentrate on the content that resonates with their audiences and aids in their growth, advertisers have access to more ad inventory to reach a wider audience, and viewers enjoy more consistent viewing with more pertinent commercials.

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Creators who join the test will automatically be included in the new compensation mechanism, and those who previously tested Ads on Facebook Reels will move over the next few weeks. In addition, they plan to start testing Ads on Instagram Reels in a few markets with a select set of artists and advertisers using a comparable performance-based reward model.

How to Take Part

Facebook creators must reside in one of 52 countries and fulfill a number of minimal conditions in order to be invited.

Creators must finish the onboarding procedure, which includes accepting the conditions of use and entering payout details, in order to receive money from Ads on Reels after being accepted to the test. After that, they simply need to keep producing interesting Reels to earn.

Expand Ads on Reels
Meta Blog

Go to Professional Dashboard and the Monetization Tools area to see if you are a part of the inaugural program on Facebook. Ads on Reels should appear if you were invited, and you can choose Set Up to start the onboarding process.