Yuvraj Dua is a content creator who claims to be “Overacting Ka Pakoda.” He has 403K followers on Instagram and 8.35K subscribers on YouTube. His content is funny but at the same time, it gives a reality check. What’s great about him is that he’s not afraid to speak his mind and always stands up for what’s right. After watching his content, you might literally think that your wavelength matches with him. 

Now, let’s take a look at the 20 best Reels of Yuvraj:

1. Afghanistan Meme

2. Athlete Supremacy


4. Train > Plane

5. Who’s Your Daddy?

6. Messi’s Retirement

7. Not Everyone Can Be Ranveer Singh

8. Moving On from Your Ex

9. Friends With Benefit

10. Shein’s Comeback

11. Manali Crowd

12. Together Forever

13. Waist Trend

14. Scooty Alert!

15. Hills Calling

16. Puberty Trend

17. Instagram Turned into Fab India’s Showroom

18. When’s Your Birthday?

19. Friends are Expensive

20. Instagram Bio

So, these were some of the best reels of Yuvraj that we loved. I’m sure you had a great time watching them. It’s just so easy to find them relatable and laugh along with his lines. Such funny content is always much needed, especially during the pandemic.