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Instagram, “after a year that challenged everything we thought was normal and possible“, has come up with a new campaign which denounces “going back to normal” because normal was never good enough. It’s a rallying cry of progress, optimism, and reinvention as we look back on this past year, empowering people with the message that “Who We Become is Yours to Make”. Instagram says in their blog post.

Isabella Mai Newman (@bella_newman) shot culture-defining creators for a collection of portraits inspired by their own stories. Instagram has planned to unveil these portraits in culturally and contextually relevant locations with the aim to spark conversation across the country  “to inspire the next generation to explore for themselves and decide who they will be.

Let’s have a look at the featured creators:

High School Students

Instagram says that a “collective of fresh graduates that represent the next wave of students, artists and citizens will be displayed at Madison Square Garden in New York City and LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles.

Source: Instagram

@Celestial_Investments, (Emily Barker, they/them)

Emily is fighting for a world that accepts people with disabilities. Her declaration about social justice will be displayed across from where policy is shaped i.e. government buildings in Washington, DC.

Source: Instagram

@QueerBrownVegan, (Isaias Hernandez, he/they)

Isaias is an Environmental Educator who believes that for a sustainable world “collective efforts can lead to a larger impact.” His movement is displayed at Downtown San Francisco’s 4th/King Train Station which is a transportation hub for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Source: Instagram

@FatsDaBarber, (Aaron Turk, he/him)

Aaron Turk is an internet personality and comedian barber. He is sharing relatable humor on the historic Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Source: Instagram

@Nadirah.P, (Nadirah Pierre, she/her)

Nadirah Pierre is a Muslim comedian who is representing a new generation of comedians. Her distinctive comedy is displayed in Kansas City.

Source: Instagram

@Virghoe_xoxo, (Amanda Quach, she/her)

Amanda Quach is a creator who believes in body positivity. “See her distinctive, stylish flare” at Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Source: Instagram

@DeeAlvarado, (Diana Yesenia Alvarado, she/her)

Diana is an artist “whose one-of-a-kind sculpture work is injected with childhood memories of growing up in a LatinX neighborhood.” Her display can be seen in Downtown Chicago.

Source: Instagram

@BlackSand.Surf, (Gage M. Crismond, Tre’lan Michael, Brick – all he/him)

Black Sand Surf is “changing the world’s perception of what a surfer should look like by fostering a community that is inclusive of all humans.” They are displayed at Huntington Beach, CA, near Los Angeles.

@Alpha.Trans, (Mack Beggs, he/him)

Mack Beggs is a trans-wrestler who is using Instagram “to be an ally and celebrate all people.” He will be taking over billboards throughout downtown Atlanta.

Source: Instagram