YouTube wants to assist shorts artists in gaining more exposure for their videos by recommending relevant hashtags throughout the posting process.

As explained by YouTube:

“To make it easier for Shorts creators to add relevant hashtags to video titles, we’re running an experiment that suggests new hashtags to include when publishing Shorts. If you’re a creator in the experiment, you’ll see suggested hashtags appear in the upload flow on mobile. The suggestions will be custom to your channel based on the content you’ve previously uploaded.”

The suggested tags won’t be determined by AI analysis of the content itself, which would be spectacular, but rather by the popular tags and subjects linked to each channel.

This might still be beneficial, however, it does rely on what the users are aiming to upload and how frequently their content adheres to their primary areas of interest.

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In this regard, YouTube channels are obviously encouraged to stick to their predetermined niches and group themselves around particular themes. If a user wants to grow their audience on the app, this strategy also makes the most sense.

With that in mind, these suggested tags may actually be very helpful in ensuring that you select the appropriate ones for your clips rather than just the conventional, promotional tags, like #Shorts.

YouTube’s own explanation of Shorts does advise users to use the #Shorts tag ‘to aid with discovery’ within the app. That might be out of date since that all videos under 60 seconds are classified into Shorts, which has its own part in the app.

However, YouTube does advise that you add this; we have enquired with YouTube for clarification as to whether this is still required.

These new suggestions will encourage publishers to switch from more general tags to more focused segmentation, which would then assist YouTube’s algorithms in highlighting more relevant material to more consumers.