Half a month into 2022, the events of the past year continue to live with us. Even on YouTube, the stories, trends and cultures from 2021 matter. Which is why the YouTube Culture and Trends Team has shared some of its favourite creators and trends from last year. Let’s have a look.

For YouTube 2021 was a year where many stories and several breakout creators emerged. Even though the disruption caused due to the pandemic continued, one should never stop looking at the bright side. Here are five inspiring stories from 2021.

MayTree branches out

Maytree is a Korean a cappella group who rose to global stardom in 2021. Maytree was formed two decades ago but their YouTube journey started in 2014. Until January 2021 MayTree had just over 16,000 subscribers but they saw a surge in February after uploading a cover of iPhone sound effects. In October, MayTree uploaded a Squid Game-themed video which gained over 175 million views! Currently the channel boasts a subscriber count of over 3 million subscribers. With their a cappella skills and great understanding of pop culture MayTree have proved that the “language of culture is universal.”

Polo G and Einer Bankz string hip hop along

Polo G and multi-instrumentalist Einer Bankz, during the initial days of lockdown scored a minor viral hit with an improvised jam. The fans loved the improvised version and demanded the release of an official one. Soon the duo released RAPSTAR last April. The song debuted number one on the billboard Hot 100, and on YouTube, it charted in over 20 markets. It even ended the year as one of the top 10 most-viewed music videos in the U.S.

Thomas Panke builds his channel brick by brick

Thomas Panke, a Lego shop owner and entrepreneur from Frankfurt, Germany launched a YouTube channel called “Held Der Steine” (“Hero of Stones”) in 2014. Thomas quickly gained audience attention with his signature greeting: “I am the hero of stones from Frankfurt in the heart of Europe in my wonderful little shop on a fantastic day.” He now builds Lego sets on his channel thrice a week and today his shop only opens once a month, not to sell Lego kits but for allowing his viewers to meet him in person.

Bottoms Up

People have claimed that Flo Rida’s 2007 anthem “Low” is one of the most unappreciated songs of all time, despite having one of the catchiest choruses of the 21st century. In 2021, creators gave viewers an opportunity to rekindle their love for this anthem in what became known as “The Apple Bottom Jeans trend.”

A community unified, a dream fulfilled

Tomás Blanch Toledo (aka tomiii11), a eleven year old from Chile dreamed of becoming a big YouTube creator and streamer. He started his channel in January 2021 while also undergoing treatment for a degenerative brain disease. He went viral in April 2021 after his story of wanting to be a huge creator struck a chord with the gaming community. Within weeks he went from thousand subscribers to almost seven million! He even got his own song – “I want to be a YouTuber” – courtesy of his dad. Even though tomiii 11 passes away last August, “he became an icon for the passion the YouTube community has for their craft, uniting it once more so the channel could reach the 10 million subscriber milestone just weeks after his death.”

Each of these stories is a reminder of what importance videos hold in our daily lives. ” Video has the power to inform, inspire, and entertain on a level never before possible. And through creators’ vision and passion, video can bring communities, countries, and even the world together.”

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