WIth the new year come new trends and zest to create extraordinary decks. Instagram has been quick on catching up with audience’s sentiments and interests. While the users are curious to know what Insagram’s next update will be, the app’s endevour is to test as many possibilities.

In the latest slew of tests and launches, Instagram is reported to be testing a shortcut to quickly send posts to the most four accounts you text. Secondly, it is also exploring ways for users to send silent messages on direct chats, user avatars on DMs, likes on stories and more. Social media experts Ahmed Ghanem, Hammod and Alessandro Paluzzi have reported about the developments.

Instagram-Facebook Story Views

In a bid to ease users’ transitioning from Instagram to Facebook stories, Instagram’s new update will let them views Facebook’s views on Instagram itself.

Silent messages
Source: Ahmed Ghanem

The feature states a clear differntiation between story viewers from Instagram and that who have viewed the story on Facebook during cross-posting.

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Quick Shares

Instagram DM has been one of the pivotol sections of the app where the grammers keep sending memes and posts throughout the day. Now, its been reported that the app is working towards a send feature where the post will get shared with four of your daily or the most chats/friends/groups while on the feed.

Basically, the update paves way for a shortcut to share posts and dm the top four on your list of your chats.

Silent Messages & Avatars In DMs

Working towards one of its integral updates, the social media platform is testing the ability to send silent messages in DM. Further filtering the notifications category, an user can choose to send silent messages over DMs. As per the update, the receiver won’t get a notiification for the message.

Instagram tests
Source: Hammod OH

Although late to the party, Instagram has finally identified the popularity of user avatars. While Snapchat has pioneered the space, the photo sharing app is also trying to imbibe the suave of avatars.

It is testing the ability to send Avatars” in DM in yet another update in a bid to make chats more personalised.

Likes On Stories

Earlier it was reported that Instagram was working on ‘likes’ tab for Instagram stories in addition to the reaction stickers. Recently, Hamood spotted the app testing the feature again.

Once live, the users will be able to just tab the like button on stories which they fit deem to be loved.

New ‘Mentioned’ List

Currently, the Instagram Stories display two main categorisation of Mentions in the layout itself. As per reports, it is now working on further highlighting the mentions tags by introducing a different Mentions list onc ethe tory is live.

The update will put the spotlight on the people, groups or community tagged in stories for users to easily spot them.