YouTube started a new series ‘Milestone Meetups’ in which video interviews are taken for today’s breakthrough creators, who give an inside look into their journeys and hopes for the future. YouTube’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl engaged with Colin and Samir, Jenny Lorenzo, and Jo Franco over their success journey. These creators have recently reached major goals on their YouTube channels, and YouTube Official Blog covered them on August 26, 2021.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

YouTube Official Blog stated, “At YouTube, there’s nothing we love more than celebrating all the milestones creators hit as they become the next wave of global entrepreneurs. From subscriber growth to personal achievements, these meaningful moments can inspire insight and reflection that offer lessons to us all.”

Talking about the interview, YouTube Official Blog further stated, “In these open and honest conversations, Colin and Samir discuss how they almost quit before finding their mission, Jenny Lorenzo reveals the role her abuela plays in her success, and Jo Franco shares how making it on YouTube enabled her to buy her mom a house and pay off student loans.“

Check out the first installment of ‘Milestone Meetups’ here:

Now, let’s talk about the mentioned creators. Colin and Samir have 290K subscribers on YouTube, 18.8K followers on Twitter, and 22.6K followers on Instagram. They take on digital storytelling and consulting projects, and are fans of YouTube news and culture. They have a long-standing history of working with big and small creators and their first project was ‘The Lacrosse Network’, a YouTube sports network dedicated to lacrosse.

Jenny Lorenzo is a comedic actor and content creator with 215K subscribers on YouTube, 477K followers on Facebook, 19K followers on Twitter, 177K followers on Tiktok, and 221K followers on Instagram. As stated on her YouTube channel, her comedy sketches around being Hispanic includes her characters Abuela, Maruchi, Laritza, Flor, and Michi. She’s also a Podcaster, and her content includes vlogs, collabs, and unboxing, and so on. Currently, she’s residing in Los Angeles. To know more about her, tap HERE!

Jo Franco’s content is based on language, journal, money, lifestyle, fitness, and travel. She has 126K subscribers on YouTube, 186K followers on Instagram, and 24K followers on Twitter. Also, she’s a multilingual storyteller, writer, and Netflix’s travel host.

So, that’s all about YouTube’s first ‘Milestone Meetups’. Hope y’all are inspired enough and happy content creating!