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  • Instagram is in the testing phase of a feature that allows users to add their content to already published posts, fostering collaborative sharing.
  • YouTube is making video stats even better, especially for the popular “Shorts” videos. Get ready for clearer insights to supercharge your content strategy.
  • LinkedIn now allows users to highlight their top skills through tags and has also revamped the “Projects” section, making it easier to showcase achievements with media and skill tags.
  • WhatsApp introduces dynamic screen-sharing during video calls, adding a new layer of interaction and engagement for users to connect more intimately.

Instagram Rolls out “Collaborative Post Expansion”

Instagram is experimenting with a cool idea that might grab your attention. They’re exploring the possibility of enabling users to contribute their photos and videos to posts that are already live. This innovation could streamline group collaboration and content sharing on the platform.

According to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, if this idea becomes a reality, users could send their content to be part of a post. Just to keep you in the loop, any content they send in wouldn’t go public until the original poster gives it the green light. Essentially, this could pave the way for captivating compilations of photos and moments, collaboratively crafted by a community of individuals. While there’s no set date for trying this out, we’ll be sure to keep you informed about any progress.

YouTube Introduces “New Video Analytics”

YouTube has introduced a new feature in their recent video – YouTube Studio, that shows how many people are watching your videos in different styles. For instance, under Analytics > Content > All, you can easily see a summary of how many new, returning, and subscribed viewers you have for each type of video format. This makes it simpler to understand how well your videos are doing.

This change is mainly focused on Shorts, a type of video that’s becoming popular on YouTube. Lots of people – more than 2 billion – watch Shorts every month. To keep up with this trend, YouTube wants more creators to make short videos. This way, creators can get more people interested in their channel. YouTube has started to roll out this new way of looking at your video stats, and you’ll be able to see and use it from next week.

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LinkedIn Launches “New Skills Highlighting Options”

LinkedIn is making things easier for job seekers who want to showcase their professional skills. They’re adding more options to highlight your abilities throughout the app. Now, in the “About” section of your profile, they have introduced a new feature where you can tag up to five of your top skills there. This means you can quickly show visitors what you’re good at. It’s a useful way to show you’re a good fit for a job and you can even update your skills to match the jobs you’ve applied for.

LinkedIn has also made improvements in the “Projects” section. You can add media like pictures and videos to your projects now. Plus, you can tag your projects with relevant skills, giving you more ways to display your experience. These updates are handy, especially for people looking for jobs, and they might become even more important in the future.

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WhatsApp Introduces “Screen-Sharing in Video Calls”

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to its video calling feature, allowing you to share your screen during calls. This is part of WhatsApp’s increased emphasis on video-related features, which aligns with its rising popularity, particularly in Western regions. In recent times, WhatsApp has introduced video messages and picture-in-picture support for video calls, reflecting its dedication to enhancing the video experience.

Starting today, WhatsApp is gradually making screen-sharing available to all users. This update demonstrates WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to improve communication and interaction for its wide user base, providing a more dynamic and engaging way to connect with friends and family.

Discover the latest social media updates, from Instagram collaborations to YouTube’s enhanced video analytics so stay informed about LinkedIn’s skills highlighting and WhatsApp’s interactive screen-sharing – we’ve got you covered. Join us in exploring the digital landscape!