• Indian Creators with X Blue subscriptions are now set to receive ad revenue payouts, with some even receiving up to Rs 3 lakh.
  • To be eligible, creators need to have atleast 15 million impressions in the last three months and minimum 500 followers.
  • The creator would require to have a Stripe account, since it’s the payment processor for payouts.

The “Ads Revenue Sharingprogram is being seen as a welcome move by Indian creators on X (Twitter). Thanks to Elon Musk‘s pioneering new initiative, the creators are receiving major ad revenue payouts by opting for the X Premium membership. This is a part of the platform’s effort to help users earn a living directly on it. Ads revenue sharing enables a verified user to earn money when ads are shown to the users who comment and interact with their posts. Basically, the creators earn through the organic impressions of ads displayed in replies to content they post.

How It Works

The platform is expanding its creator monetization offering to include ads revenue sharing for creators which is now available globally to creators who meet the eligibility requirements. They will be able to set up ads revenue sharing and creator subscriptions independently. To make money on the app, creators must have an X Blue subscription with 15 million impressions on their posts, a minimum of 500 followers, and be atleast 18 years old.

Opting for the X Premium membership, previously referred to as Twitter Blue, at Rs. 900 per month has proven to be rewarding for many users. Back in July, under the leadership of Elon Musk, Twitter introduced this new initiative to assist content creators in earning money through ad revenue. This opportunity is accessible to membership subscribers worldwide. But to access it, they will have to adhere to their Ads Revenue Share Terms, which include, Creator Monetization Standards and the X Rules. The creators also need to have a Stripe account which is the platform’s payment processor.

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Happy Creators

Prominent Indian accounts on the platform have confirmed receiving payouts as part of the ad revenue sharing program. Abhishek Asthana, the co-founder of Zorro and widely recognised as ‘GabbarSingh‘ with 1.4 million followers, expressed his euphoria in a tweet. While Gabbar called it a paisa vasool move, Maithun (Being_Humour) thanked Elon in his tweet where he posted the screenshot of the generous payout of Rs. 3,51,000.

Another prominent content creator, Ravi Handa, articulated his satisfaction with the program. He posted, “A substantial $455.75 (equivalent to approximately Rs 37,767) is truly commendable. For reference, I have amassed around ~17M impressions in the past three months, alongside a following of ~25k supporters.Prayag Tiwari, is another beneficiary who expressed his admiration for Musk’s visionary approach upon receiving the payout. There doesn’t seem to be an upper limit on these payouts as Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray), a US-based creator, received a whooping $13,306 (approx. Rs. 11 lakhs).

The Subscriptions Program

Subscriptions offer a way for folks on the app to make money every month from their content. If a user meets the above mentioned eligibility criteria, X picks them for the Subscriptions program as a Creator, then people can pay money to follow them. The app users then get special access to bonus content and direct interactions with the creators they subscribe to and follow. When these followers interact with the creator, they will be able to see a badge next to their name to know it’s them. The company aims to make the process as simple as possible for all eligible X Blue and Verified Organisations subscribers. The creators will get paid a certain sum of the money that the company gets from Subscriptions if their earnings exceed $50 (approx. Rs. 4000).

Elon added another tweet saying, “Interest in ad rev share by content creators has far exceeded our expectations, so will take a few more days to process. Major payouts coming soon!”

The Need For This Move

This initiative arrives at a crucial juncture for the app, as it strives to counteract the dwindling advertiser participation due to concerns surrounding Elon Musk’s stance on content moderation. This move has directly impacted the platform’s revenue. With the intent diversifying its offerings, the company has embarked on a quest to attract more content creators. Elon Musk’s commitment to the creators’ community was reaffirmed by his announcement that the entirety of subscription revenue would be channelled to creators during the first year, excluding only payment gateway charges.

elon musk x twitter app ad revenue payout blue subscription

As X endeavours to redefine social media dynamics, this visionary strategy marks a pivotal moment. While some see it as a way to incentivize users into paying for the subscription, it is also seen as an evolution of content creation and engagement on the platform.