If you are a music lover or stream your music through Spotify, you must know about their wrapped feature that displays your most played, and favorite songs of the year.

Spotify Wrapped is all about recognizing the countless ways that millions of audiophiles and creators interact with one another every day. With the widely awaited, personalized 2022 Wrapped experience, we are starting to remember the last year and encouraging our followers to share in the excitement.

“This year’s Wrapped experience is filled with fan-favorite features and exciting new ones that spotlight the many-layered elements of listening that make each and every fan unique. We know that no two listeners are the same—so, from the oddly specific to the unapologetically predictable, 2022 Wrapped encourages listeners to peer into the vibrant kaleidoscope of their listening and show it off to the world. Eligible iOS and Android users with the latest version of the Spotify mobile app can celebrate this ultimate combination of self-expression and play with their personalized experiences. (Creators, fear not: Artists and podcasters will also receive their own personalized Creator Wrapped to learn about and celebrate how their fans listened.)”, wrote Spotify in a blog.

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Dig into your listening more deeply

Fans can enter the experience to view their own top lists across genres, songs, and podcasts, as well as the number of minutes, listening to this year, in addition to the reveal of the top artists, songs, albums, and podcasts of 2022 that delighted 456 million listeners worldwide. They included new features this year along with now-classic data stories to create a brand-new way to discover your 2022 listening.

They have mentioned the two new stories that include: 

  • Your Listening Personality: It’s not only about what you listened to—but what that says about your music taste. This year during Wrapped, we’re showcasing 16 different Listening Personality types that Spotify created for 2022 Wrapped. Your Wrapped will showcase your Listening Personality based on how you listened to music throughout the year. Want to better understand how each of these special personas compares to one other? Find out all about them here.
  • Audio Day: An interactive story that gives you a peek into how your music taste evolved throughout the day, Audio Day showcases the niche moods and aesthetic descriptors of the music you listened to during morning, midday, and evening time periods.
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Along with custom Wrapped-themed GIFs accessible anywhere GIPHY is integrated, fans can also unlock a personalized Snapchat lens that reflects their Listening Personality and take advantage of special Wrapped-themed Bitmoji apparel.

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Artist messages for you

You can also listen to pre-recorded messages from your favorite artist this year.

Top fans of 100 different artists were chosen to get exclusive thank-you films in their Your Artists Revealed playlists during Wrapped last year. Each video will be followed by the fan’s most-played song from that artist in the previous year. Last year, fans and artists particularly appreciated this one-of-a-kind chance to interact, so we’re greatly increasing the number of artists participating from over 100 in 2021 to more than 40,000 in 2022.

2022 Wrapped is a commemoration of the previous year and a request for participation in the fun. It’s all about the reciprocal connections that connect millions of audio makers and listeners each day. Since no two listeners are the same, 2022 Wrapped invites you to discover your own audio kaleidoscope and display it to the world.