It might be hard to stay up with the trends on YouTube, where 500 hours of fresh content are uploaded every minute. It’s also challenging to trace the breadcrumbs back to where they all began because there are so many brand-new producers, films, and viral moments appearing all the time.

YouTube has now come up with the podcast Like & Describe the brand-new official trends podcast!

With the goal of bringing listeners the little-known stories behind the biggest YouTube trends, Like & Describe is produced by YouTube’s Culture & Trends team and hosted by longtime creator and online trends obsessive MatPat – the perfect partner to lead an audience on a deep-dive journey of discovery.

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In the first episode, MatPat investigates the fascinating global expansion of Virtual YouTubers, often known as VTubers. For those who are unaware, VTubers are animated figures that are controlled by humans using motion-capture technology. VTubers, who originated in Japan, are currently present in many countries and languages and receive 1.5 billion monthly views as a group.

On the day, six years ago, when the first video utilizing the phrase “Virtual YouTuber” was uploaded, the episode debuts in conjunction with a unique takeover.

Each Like & Describe episode will launch with a visual layer as befits a video firm, providing additional viewable content for people who access the podcast on YouTube itself. Episodes will be distributed on a monthly basis. After all, according to a recent survey, more than 50% of individuals claim to listen to podcasts.